Music for social change starts movement in Sydney


Out May 1... Bleeding Earth The raw power that is the sound of indie-industrial conscious hip hop duo Bati Graves.

Bati Graves, a rising voice for social change, joins Sea Shepherd, The Greens NSW and Foreigndub (Fbi) for the premiere of Bleeding Earth at artist-run space 107 Projects, Redfern on May 1.


WGAR News: Where to now? Budget reveals attacks against Culture and our connection to our Land: Dr Woolombi Waters, The Stringer

Newsletter date: 1 June 2014


* Pam Reilly, CAAMA Radio: New Charges to see a Doctor...Death Tax for Aboriginal people [Featuring John Paterson, CEO, Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance NT]

* Dr Woolombi Waters, The Stringer: Where to now? Budget reveals attacks against Culture and our connection to our Land [Courtesy of The National Indigenous Times]

* WGAR: Open Letter: WGAR advocates long-term funding for Aboriginal community controlled organisations

* ANTaR: Budget Response 2014: Take Action! Write to the Minister for Indigenous Affairs


TREATY - petition for Treaty - please sign and share

Petitioning the Australian Government, To the Prime Minister, To the Attorney-General

Go the petition site to read and sign the petition - here:

TREATY is the justice - when TREATY is here, "that'd be the justice" said a Central Desert Elder to me.

When we settle for less, in general we are left with 'the less', period.


Eureka 156th anniversary to be marked in Ballarat

One hundred and fifty six years after the Eureka Rebellion was drowned in a sea of blood in Ballarat on the 3rd December 1854, diverse opinions are still held about the Rebellion's significance. Opinions have varied from Karl Marx's observations in 1855 "we have to distinguish between the riot at Ballarat (near Melbourne) and the general revolutionary movement in the colony of Victoria. The former will have been suppressed by now; the later can only be suppressed through complete concessions". Mark Twain, in 1897 in his whirlwind Australian tour believed "Eureka...


Slacktime Magazine mp3

various issues mixed and mashed

note: explicit language

mainstream media samples, "Boat People Quiz" by Clarke and Dawe, "Oz Politics the Musical" by news HD, "3 D Outside Every Cinema" by News Jack, Alex Jones Mashup from Distorted View Podcast

Length 21:40 min 128 kbps stereo 19.9 MB