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Petitioning the Australian Government, To the Prime Minister, To the Attorney-General

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TREATY is the justice - when TREATY is here, "that'd be the justice" said a Central Desert Elder to me.

When we settle for less, in general we are left with 'the less', period.

TREATY is about justice, about humanity, about equality. TREATY will best define the Australian peoples and the ways forward.

Far too many narratives of tragedy, of stories untold, voices unheard, unbearable ordeals have occurred - they need not continue. "TREATY is the justice."

I ask all my fellow Australians to coalesce in and with humanity to sign this petition and call upon our Government, upon the Prime Minister and upon the Attorney-General, and upon all our parliamentarians, to move without delay, in bringing on the national conversations for TREATY - to not stand in the way of our Aboriginal and Torres Islander brothers and sisters in defining and in bringing about TREATY.

TREATY will enrich the national consciousness.

The peoples of this continent will at long last be free.

When we remedy the many remaining wrongs to many of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander brothers and sisters, then in getting the justice for them right, we get it right for all of us. TREATY must be defined by our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

In my various research over many years I have found that TREATY is the real hope of the many. In my journalism and correspondence for The National Indigenous Times, The National Indigenous Radio Service, The Stringer, and from my thousands of conversations with peoples far and wide, I have found the will of the people calls for TREATY.

We cannot settle for less than TREATY. To settle for less will make us less.

To settle for less than TREATY is to settle for less than justice, for less than equality, for less than what is right.

TREATY will go the longest way towards extinguishing the various layers and veils of racism.

The Love of the people calls out for TREATY. Together, let us tell our Government that the people of Australia are calling for TREATY.

- The Aboriginal Treaty Committee, chaired by Nugget Coombs, was set up in 1979 and ran until 1983. Its aim was to promote the idea of a Treaty amongst non-Indigenous Australians. "We call for a Treaty within Australia, between Australians," Aboriginal Treaty Committee. Advertisement, National Times, 25 August 1979.

- (Treaty,) that's the way other countries have done it, and I don't know why Australia procrastinates any longer," Dennis Eggington, CEO of the Aboriginal Legal Services WA , May 24, 2012.

- "The ony way forward, and the only right thing to do, for all our peoples across Australia, is Treaty. Of the so-called developed nations only Australia is without Treaty," Tauto Sansbury, Chair of the Narrunga People, January 6, 2014.

- "We can bring on Treaty, it goes to the heart and soul of our people. We cannot settle for less," Kaurna Elder, Lynette Crocker, February 25, 2012.

- "(Treaty), it will take away some of the pain, it will fix many things, it will save lives, it will help everyone," Barker Ryder, Katherine, Northern Territory.

"This song was written after Bob Hawke, in his famous response to the Barunga Statement (1988), said there would be a Treaty between Indigenous Australians and the Australian Government by 1990," the late Dr Yunupingu.


Well I heard it on the radio
And I saw it on the television
Back in 1988, all those talking politicians

Words are easy, words are cheap
Much cheaper than our priceless land
But promises can disappear
Just like writing in the sand

Treaty yeah treaty now treaty yeah treaty now...

People are not the property of people, the Northern Territory is a prison built brick by brick by the Commonwealth -

What do these Blacks want? An education? Send them back to the bush where they belong -

996 deaths by suicide, one in 24 die by suicide -

996 Aboriginal deaths by suicide, another shameful Australian record -

In identity lay the answers -

Australia's Aboriginal children, the world's highest suicide rate -

Despite what's being reported, life-expectancy not improving for ATSI peoples - 1 in 3 dead by 45 years of age -

Australia, the mother of all jailers of Aboriginal people -

But, NO, to Treaty -

I say, 'Yes, to TREATY, and NOW.' What do you say?

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