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“This is the fifth issue of FTP zine, our biannual report on anti-colonial, anti-state resistance, compiled within occupied Cadigal territory.

Like previous issues we have chosen to highlight acts of resistance to the Australian state and its control of this territory, such as attacks on its police, its prisons, its monuments and its schools.

WGAR News: The May 1st rallies have Gone Global: States in Australia, Aotearoa (NZ), Canada, Germany, Hawaii, Hong Kong China, UK, USA

Newsletter date: 10:20 am, 1 May 2015; Last updated 4:40pm, 1 May 2015


* Analysis / Opinion: SOGIP: Aboriginal communities should not be closed ! By Martin Préaud, Barbara Glowczewski and 16 French researchers working in Australia
* Analysis / Opinion: Arena Magazine: The Real Cost of Closing Remote Communities, by Brian F. Codding, Douglas W. Bird and Rebecca Bliege Bird
* Analysis / Opinion: Jon Altman, Land Rights News - Northern Edition: The quest for the good life

April 5, 2010 - Collateral Murder Tape - April 5, 2014, world's first WikiLeaks parliamentarian

April 5, 2010, WikiLeaks Publishing Organisation downloaded caches of hundreds of thousands of emails and the Collateral Murder Tape, bringing truth to the world. April 5, 2014, Western Australians will have the opportunity to elect the world's 1st WikiLeaks Party parliamentarian and bring truth in and to Government.

Please view this 53 second clip and then please consider sharing it far and wide, day in day out.

WGAR News: Urgent Congress meetings to be held over next few days in major Australian cities

Newsletter date: 27 January 2014


* Anthony Stewart, ABC Indigenous: Indigenous congress vows to go on despite funding cuts
* SNAICC News: Congress to hold urgent meetings with members and supporters
* Background to National Congress of Australia's First Peoples


- News

ABC Indigenous: Indigenous congress vows to go on despite funding cuts

TREATY - petition for Treaty - please sign and share

Petitioning the Australian Government, To the Prime Minister, To the Attorney-General

Go the petition site to read and sign the petition - here:

TREATY is the justice - when TREATY is here, "that'd be the justice" said a Central Desert Elder to me.

When we settle for less, in general we are left with 'the less', period.


WGAR News: Congress to hold urgent meetings with members and supporters [around Australia]: SNAICC

Newsletter date: 20 January 2014


* National Congress of Australia's First Peoples - A National Voice
* Congress: Message from Co-Chairs Les Malezer and Kirstie Parker
* SNAICC News: Defunding of NATSILS and Congress raises major concerns
* SNAICC News: Congress to hold urgent meetings with members and supporters
* Congress Events: Unite & Support Strong Black Voices
* Brooke Boney, NITV News: Audit chief: No guarantee Indigenous spending will be immune from cuts
* Background to National Congress of Australia's First Peoples

WGAR News: Aboriginal Sovereignty Day, Invasion Day and Survival Day Events: Sun 26 January 2014

Newsletter date: 16 January 2014

Last updated: 16 January 2014


* Background to Sovereignty Day, Invasion Day and Survival Day
* Adelaide events
* Alice Springs event
* Brisbane and Queensland events
* Melbourne and Victoria events
* Perth events
* Sydney and NSW events


Event: Sun 26 January 2014: various locations in Australia
Sovereignty Day / Invasion Day / Survival Day / Day of Mourning
"'Australia Day', also known as Survival Day,
Invasion Day and Sovereignty Day:

Peace Activists face court over Talisman Saber arrests

UPDATE: ALL CHARGES DROPPED! Four Brisbane peace activists will appear in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court at 9am Monday, January 6, 2014 for charges related to resisting the 2013 Talisman Saber military exercise which took place July 15- August 5, last year. Jim Dowling, David Sprigg, Andy Paine, and Robin Taubenfeld were arrested on July 19 for lying on the road outside the Rockhampton Army Barracks.


The Stringer weekly newsletter - November 29

Welcome to The Stringer’s weekly newsletter - NEWS update: The Stringer went live February 20, 2013. We are a not-for-profit independent news format. We believe in the importance of independent media with a bent for investigative journalism.

How many more suicides will it take?

by Gerry Georgatos of The Stringer, The National Indigenous Times, the National Indigenous Radio Service - September 20th, 2013 - Two years ago, as part of my academic research into the prevalence of suicides in Australia, particularly among Aboriginal youth, to my horror I discovered that Aboriginal youth suicides are tragically at record high levels – that spates of Aboriginal youth suicides are proportionately the world’s highest rates. Aboriginal youth is suiciding at the world’s highest rates.