New issue of FTP zine out now

Download zine: https://ftpzine.wordpress.com/

“This is the fifth issue of FTP zine, our biannual report on anti-colonial, anti-state resistance, compiled within occupied Cadigal territory.

Like previous issues we have chosen to highlight acts of resistance to the Australian state and its control of this territory, such as attacks on its police, its prisons, its monuments and its schools.

New Melbourne Anarchist Zine - Melbourne Black launched

A new monthly anarchist zine has been launched - Melbourne Black. The free zine is being published in both paper and online form and is free. It aims to be a voice for promoting anarchist theory and to help make anarchists a strong and vibrant part of the Melbourne left. Printed copies will be available in Melbourne from Barricade/Loophole, MARC, New International, Sticky and elsewhere