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Kronos: global paymaster and global payroll. Time management and attendance. (Kronos: Greek god of time in its negative aspect).

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Anti-racist redecoration

On the evening of January 24 some antifascists reworked a racist mural in Newtown, on a property owned by Sergio Redegalli on the stolen land of the Gadigal people. For the past 4 years he’s been continually repainting islamaphobic statements on his walls which have been vandalised at least a couple hundred times. Despite his expensive security precautions, including numerous CCTV cameras, and motion sensor floodlights, (like many potential targets) it remains easy to attack.

Early start to Australian bushfires, record temperatures

Just a few days after the Federal election NSW experienced a surprisingly early start to the bushfire season with fires on Sydney's outskirts giving us a taste of things to come. Queensland is also facing severe fire danger with the early onset of high temperatures.


Black Rose Books in hiatus

After 6 years at 22 Enmore Rd in Newtown, Black Rose Books has once again been moved into storage awaiting it's next reincarnation. We expect this web address will disappear sometime later this year.

Refer to Jura Books for Anarchist Literature
Peoples' Kitchen is starting up again on Wednesdays at Dustmonster

Thanks to all those who have been involved over the past 6 years (and the past 30 years!!). There is no collective to be contacted anymore so please direct any questions to Jura books.

Love & Rage


Media disinformation: Understand South China Sea standoff through the Filipino media

China is now Australia’s largest trading partner. Western Australia’s Premier is right to point out that: “… of the 60,000 new jobs created in Australia over the past 12 months, 50,000 were in WA, which now accounted for 70 per cent of the nation's exports to China … To some extent, the strength of the WA economy is concealing the true weakness of the national economy.” Therefore, it is in Australia national interest that our policy makers are able to understand China in an objective manner. I hope that the following article will contribute to such an objective.

Anarchist Vandals salute Lambros Foundas

In the early hours of the 10th of March, exactly two years since Lambros Foundas was gunned down by uniformed pigs in the street of Athens, some anarchist vandals targeted the Marrickville branch of the Beirut Hellenic Bank.

We sprayed "BURN BANKS" "FOR LAMBROS" "FOR SOCIAL REVOLUTION" on the windows of the bank, put superglue in the ATM card slots and covered the screens with paint.

Sydney Opera House banner drop protests Harvey Norman forest destruction

Five environmental activists were arrested yesterday for climbing the Opera House and draping a banner on one of the sails protesting Retailer Harvey Norman's participation in Australian native forest destruction. The banner read "No Harvey No! Stop selling Aussie forest destruction!" and was part of a global 24 hours of action targeting the Harvey Norman business with more than 30 actions taking place in Australia and several overseas.

Links: No Harvey No | The Last Stand | Markets for Change | The Last Stand Flickr Photostream | Indymedia Harvey Norman stories


Sydney solidarity for Egyptian revolution (Feb 5)

"Mubarak out now!", "Freedom for Egypt!", "Mubarak no! Gamal no! Suleiman no!", "No to the car tire and no to the spare!" were some of the slogans chanted by a lively crowd in the 6th Sydney rally in solidarity with the Egyptian Revolution to be held over the last week. The rally occurred in Martin Place on Saturday 5th of February.


Catholic Worker activists oppose Cosgrove appointment

Activists from the Catholic Worker Movement, converged at St Marys Cathedral in Sydney yesterday (28/11/10) to oppose the appointment of Iraq War general, Peter Cosgrove to the position of Chancellor of Australian Catholic University (ACU). A special ceremony for Cosgrove, led by Cardinal George Pell was to take place at the Cathedral at 3pm.


Solidarity intervention and public speaking for strikers in Greece

On the afternoon of Sunday 16/5/2010 took place a solidarity intervention and public speaking for the strikers and our comrades in Greece. For several hours we occupied Newtown square, banners were hung around, displayed many anarchist flags, distributed texts, scattered flyers throughout the area, and played Greek anarchist music.