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WGAR News: Vote on Noongar Native Title deal must be all Noongars & in accordance with lore: The Stringer

Newsletter date: 8 March 2014


* Karen Ashford, SBS World News Radio: APY elders share sacred songline with the world

* Darren Mara, SBS World News Radio: The Native Title Act, 20 years on
* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: Vote on Noongar Native Title deal must be all Noongars & in accordance with lore
* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: [Noongar Elder] John Pell slams SWALSC [South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council]

WGAR News: "Council breaches its own policy and dismantles the Portland [Aboriginal] Tent Embassy"

Newsletter date: 28 October 2013


* Seamus Doherty, Green Left: Nyoongar tent embassy opposes native title deal
* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: Both sides debate Noongar land deal
* Background to the Nyoongar Tent Embassy, Heirisson Island (Matagarup), Perth, WA

* Portland Aboriginal Tent Embassy: Council breaches its own policy and dismantles the Portland Tent Embassy
* Jono Pech, Warrnambool Standard: Indigenous tent embassy at Portland dismantled
* Background to the Portland Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Market Square, Portland, Vic

WGAR News: Should Australia have quotas for Indigenous MPs?: Michael Kenny, SBS Radio News

Newsletter date: 10 October 2013


* Michael Kenny, SBS Radio News: Should Australia have quotas for Indigenous MPs?

* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: SWALSC & Noongar Tent Embassy face-off on land deal - October 15
* Background to the Nyoongar Tent Embassy, Heirisson Island (Matagarup), Perth, WA
* Background to the Aboriginal sovereignty movement and the Aboriginal tent embassies

* Ian McPhedran, The Courier-Mail: Historians say the Australian War Memorial should recognise frontier conflicts

WGAR News: James Price Point: Victory or Loss?: Arena Magazine Feature [Kimberley Region, WA]

Newsletter date: 23 July 2013


* Arena Magazine Feature: James Price Point: Victory or Loss?
* Greens Senators Rachel Siewert, Scott Ludlam and Larissa Waters: What future for the Kimberley?
* Background to the Save The Kimberley Campaign - James Price Point, north of Broome, WA

* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: The fight goes to Canberra [Aboriginal rock art]

* Len Collard and Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: Simplistic offer to Noongars cannot extinguish Native Title nor solve years of neglect
* Alex Bainbridge, Green Left: Barnett makes weak native title offer

Media disinformation: Understand South China Sea standoff through the Filipino media

China is now Australia’s largest trading partner. Western Australia’s Premier is right to point out that: “… of the 60,000 new jobs created in Australia over the past 12 months, 50,000 were in WA, which now accounted for 70 per cent of the nation's exports to China … To some extent, the strength of the WA economy is concealing the true weakness of the national economy.” Therefore, it is in Australia national interest that our policy makers are able to understand China in an objective manner. I hope that the following article will contribute to such an objective.

"Deep into the eyes of racism" - Nyoongar Tent Embassy, Thursday March 22

Gerry Georgatos
Two of Nyoongar Tent Embassy's stalwarts had not been to the Embassy for more than a week. Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation's Robert Eggington and John Pell were in Perth city on planning duties for the March 28 Stolen Wages march and rally when Mr Eggington was urged on by a spiritual sense and looked at Mr Pell, "Johnny, lets go to the Embassy."


From Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation - Stolen Wages Rally - March 28

To all Media networks

There will be a large gathering of Aboriginal People on
28 MARCH, 2012
at the corner of Riverside Drive and Victoria Avenue
for a march to Parliament House .

The march route will be up St Georges Terrace,
stopping momentarily at the Office of Premier and Cabinet.

At Parliament House the speakers will address issues such as


WA primary school in race row - Back to the 1950s!

Gerry Georgatos

A Western Australian primary school principal has taken the state back forty years with a race row after he targeted all the Aboriginal students in trying to address misbehaviour.

The northern Perth primary school of Neerabup was the talk of its local communities when on Friday, March 1, its principal Brett Lewis tried to address alleged discipline problems by ordering to a special meeting all Aboriginal children from Years 3 to 7 - all of them together.

HADI KURNIAWAN - one of 100 children in Australian adult prisons.

An impoverished Indonesian mother, in front of an Australian journalist, lies on a cement floor clutching a photograph of her 16 year old son who is now in an Australian adult prison and whom she hasn't seen since he was fourteen. Abject and acute poverty ravages Indonesia, a country where only 10% of the population has a refrigerator, where most people do not have electricity let alone a television, where many people live half lives working in sulphur mines and where most folk will never rise out of the shanty towns and villages they are born to die in.