Noongar Tent Embassy

WGAR News: Should Australia have quotas for Indigenous MPs?: Michael Kenny, SBS Radio News

Newsletter date: 10 October 2013


* Michael Kenny, SBS Radio News: Should Australia have quotas for Indigenous MPs?

* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: SWALSC & Noongar Tent Embassy face-off on land deal - October 15
* Background to the Nyoongar Tent Embassy, Heirisson Island (Matagarup), Perth, WA
* Background to the Aboriginal sovereignty movement and the Aboriginal tent embassies

* Ian McPhedran, The Courier-Mail: Historians say the Australian War Memorial should recognise frontier conflicts

"Deep into the eyes of racism" - Nyoongar Tent Embassy, Thursday March 22

Gerry Georgatos
Two of Nyoongar Tent Embassy's stalwarts had not been to the Embassy for more than a week. Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation's Robert Eggington and John Pell were in Perth city on planning duties for the March 28 Stolen Wages march and rally when Mr Eggington was urged on by a spiritual sense and looked at Mr Pell, "Johnny, lets go to the Embassy."