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International Issues [ audio ]

North Korea, Cyprus, Australia, Mars - satirical review

David Feldman, Clarke Dawe, Now Show samples, Cruel Alibis by Mustered Courage, sounds by Banda Black Miss Cheryl, Herbie Hanckock, Djavan, Wayne Shorter

29:00 min stereo 28 MB


Happy New Kaputt Year mp3

collage, commentaries, and music

"earth cries" by karnage and darkness - Blak Traks 2010, North South East West by the, F**k this f**k that and Naturological by Futurehistrix, "You lied- the tangled web" by Yes Prime Minister

27:55 min 128 kbps stereo 25.6 MB

[ De ] Nachrichten Kommentar 2010-10-28 mp3

Australischer Nachrichten Kommentar mit Wolfgang

Afghanistan Krieg Debatte, Wiki Leaks Iraq War Logs, Joe Hockey's Bank Bashing,
ASX und Singapore Stock Exchange Merger, Corruption Index von Transparancy
International, John Howard's Schuhe werfen Konzept UND MEHR...

14:25 min 128 kbps stereo 13.3 MB

Schuh Werfer on Youtube:


Current affairs mp3

Senator Conroys secrecy, Jules and Tony, Super Power Newstralia, "I want a new America" by College, Morgan-Rove-Palin-Media-Sex-Mix, Miracle Mc Killop plus Simpsons excerpt of "Miracle Maud", "Stuck in the Bank" by, War-On-Terror Paradigm

29:59 min 128 kbps stereo 27.5 Mb