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media collage, 57 billion repair by Clarke and Dawe, credit to the family excerpt, local voxpops about the budgie, cash money money by Robyn, American dream is dead by Onion News Network, Sub Primal Scream Therapy from youtube, Woolworth manager song by Michael Brown, an in depth budgie report with Graham, Swimming in denial by Dana Lyons

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electionWIRE on YouTube! Young Australian voices on the 2010 election

Vibewire and YouTube team up on electionWIRE to bring fresh video reporting to the Australian federal election

electionWIRE on YouTube is calling citizen reporters to report the election their way.

It’s Election Time! The airwaves are buzzing with politics. Who will win? What do the parties and candidates represent? Who cares?

Today, Vibewire Youth Inc announces the launch of electionWIRE on YouTube, a dedicated channel for young Australians to have their say and to report the news of the Federal election their way.


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A satirical collage of some US - Aus - and World news

Mainstream-News-Popkitsch-Media, Satirists J.Clarke - B. Dawe, Andy Salzman on Soccer [excerpts of J. Stewart's daily show], "Julia Gillard PM from the Moon" by David Knight, Robyn Williams [Letterman show] on Ozz rednecks, "Wiya Angela Pamela" by little sisters collective vs super realene bros, Onion Radio News

The world's most important product

Ways of Viewing the World’s Most Important Product

I’ll begin by quoting from contemporary philosopher and psychologist Eric Fromm’s work, ‘The Art of Loving’, “The principal underlying capitalist society and the principal of love are incompatible.” And. “Those who are seriously concerned with love as the only rational answer to the problem of human existence must, then, arrive at the conclusion that important and radical changes in our social structure are necessary . . .”.