electionWIRE on YouTube! Young Australian voices on the 2010 election

Vibewire and YouTube team up on electionWIRE to bring fresh video reporting to the Australian federal election

electionWIRE on YouTube is calling citizen reporters to report the election their way.

It’s Election Time! The airwaves are buzzing with politics. Who will win? What do the parties and candidates represent? Who cares?

Today, Vibewire Youth Inc announces the launch of electionWIRE on YouTube, a dedicated channel for young Australians to have their say and to report the news of the Federal election their way.

electionWIRE will feature video news, interviews, opinions and debate from a team of newly recruited and trained Vibewire Youthscape reporters, alongside citizen contributors from the YouTube community. The new recruits are stationed across Australia, armed with cameras, guided by questions and ideas posted to the electionWIRE YouTube channel, and supported by a senior editorial team. Whether they’re talking about youth unemployment, immigration, the ETS, homelessness or health, electionWIRE reporters will be asking the hard questions and getting unpredictable answers.

“Young people can shape their world when given the opportunity. electionWIRE is an opportunity to showcase the voices of a new generation of reporters. We want young people to report the election their way, to tell the stories that matter to them and to join in the debate on YouTube,” said Annie Le Cavalier, Director Vibewire Youth Inc.

“Video is a powerful tool for democracy. These days anyone with a camera, an Internet connection and a YouTube channel can be a reporter. We’re thrilled to partner with Vibewire and provide the platform for electionWIRE news and perspectives from young Australians,” said Karen Stocks, Head of YouTube, Australia

To help get the nation involved, Vibewire is working with youth and policy networks including the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition and Left-Right Think Tank to provide assistance for any young person who wants to upload a video to electionWIRE. Content partners include The Centre for Policy Development and Express Media, who will complement the electionWIRE video coverage with articles and political analysis. The Vibewire team will also be on hand to provide budding citizen journalists with resources to develop their stories, including training videos and fact-sheets on everything from video techniques to the political system.

Australians are wired for a digital election. Through electionWIRE, user generated video will shape the game this time around. This is a new era in political debate and this time, young people are not just watching election coverage, they are creating it.

Report it your way. electionWIRE 2010 - Submit Now http://www.youtube.com/electionwire



This election is really going to give some surprise result some r with more ideaolgy and Julia gilard government wasted australian tax payer money government is in deficit but when they taken over fund was in surplus, giving lollypop and election promise will not going to make any impact that true a huge number of women r supporting Julia but at what cost they r supporting her, if they will be back then government deficit will increase further, boarder issue also quite sensitive , mafia r active and government r failed to trace them and failed to take any positive step that can stop or reduce the number of boat coming to australia, Julia government misused tax payer money in roof insulating programme, that leads to death of person , that is really a great loss to family who lost person,government has not decided when their army will be back from Afaganistan, how many more causalty no one knows,mining tax issue and again big issue but it is not resolved it make it more complicated , poeple of mining and W.A think they will be benifited no poltical promise are hardly fullfill speacially which are done just before election or during election. i am not favoring any party but according to me Julia will not be suitable for next prime minister