Iraq war general Peter Cosgrove confronted by Catholic worker activists at Brisbane event

Tuesday April 30 7pm at Jindalee Catholic Church, Brisbane.

Catholic anti-war and social justice activists and members of the Catholic Worker from Brisbane and New Zealand gathered to show opposition to the elevation of unapologetic Iraq war General, Peter Cosgrove at a function in Brisbane on Tuesday night. Cosgrove was elevated to the position of Chancellor of Australian Catholic University in 2010 and was awarded a papal knighthood by Cardinal George Pell earlier this year.


Veterans say, "PM, get the troops out fast!

Media Release 5 March 2012 The veterans and ex -service people of Stand Fast are demanding that PM Gillard get Australian troops out of Afghanistan and fast.

They say widespread anger and unrest amongst Afghans caused by the burning of copies of the Quran by reckless US soldiers, has all but collapsed security for Westerners in Afghanistan.


The waste of war - Vigil for 10th anniversary of war in Afghanistan, Melbourne, 7 Oct 2011

To mark the 10th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan, Renegade Activists prepared a leaflet setting out some of the uses to which $21.3 billion could have been put, this being the sum of increased military spending over the last ten years compared with 2001 levels. A lolly was attached to each “as a taste of what you could have been enjoying”: it was calculated that $21.3 billion would provide “19 712 lollies for every man, woman and child in Australia”.


International day of protest against killing of Hazaras - Melbourne, 1 October 2011

Melbourne’s Hazara community joined with others across Australia and around the world in protests condemning ‘the silent genocide of Hazaras in the name of religion and to urge the international community, the UN and the Australian Government to end their silence on this brutality’ (Media release from the Australian Hazara Foundation).


US response to 9/11 nothing to do with victims

By Hamish Chitts

As the corporate media and pro-war politicians launch an intensified propaganda campaign around the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks to sell the war in Afghanistan it is important to examine the US response to these terrible events and the impact this has had on working class people in Australia and around the world.

Despatches from Leonora (January-February 2011)

In January 2011 Giovanni Torre travelled to Leonora to interview local residents, community leaders, Traditional Owners and asylum seekers detained at the Leonora Alternative Place of Detention. He conducted further interviews in February.

The names of unsuccessful or unresolved asylum seekers have been concealed to protect them and their families.

“Pashtun always say; Tajik go to Tajikistan, Uzbek go to Uzbekistan, Pashtun live in Afghanistan and Hazara go to graveyard.”


America’s unnerving celebrations post Bin Laden's death

"Rot in hell" screams the front page of the New York Post. “The Butcher of 9/11 is dead”, “We got him”, “US nails the bastard” as the United States of America basks in bloodthirsty revelry, tabloid antics went into over-drive. Spontaneous celebration filled Times Square, crowds gathered in front of the White House euphorically cheering “USA, USA, USA”. Mass hysteria broke out on the social networking scene with Twitter reporting 4000 tweets per second as news of Osama Bin Laden’s murder broke out.

Palm Sunday silent vigil for peace - 17 April 2011

Peace activists held a silent vigil on the lawns of the State Library in Melbourne on Palm Sunday before making their way to a Peace Forum at the Wesley Uniting Church in Lonsdale Street (details


Australian eyewitness in Afghanistan slams Aussie military role

An Australian woman recently returned from Afghanistan says foreign militaries have been a hindrance to peace and stability and is leading to increased civilian casualties.

"It is clear that the Australian Government has spent billions of dollars propping up a corrupt and violent regime that is harassing their own population who are working for peace and democracy" Jessica Morrison said.

"People scoff at the Parliament, saying that the best thing about it is that it puts all the most dangerous people in the one place and keeps them occupied." she continued.


Veterans group says Abbott's attitude is bipartisan

Standfast Press Release 9/2/2011 - “Tony Abbott's 'shit happens' comment in regard to the death of Lance Corporal Jared MacKinney reflects the real attitude the Liberals and ALP have for soldiers and for working people in general,” said Hamish Chitts, veteran of East Timor and spokesperson for Stand Fast, an Australian-based group of veterans and former military personnel.