Veterans say, "PM, get the troops out fast!

Media Release 5 March 2012 The veterans and ex -service people of Stand Fast are demanding that PM Gillard get Australian troops out of Afghanistan and fast.

They say widespread anger and unrest amongst Afghans caused by the burning of copies of the Quran by reckless US soldiers, has all but collapsed security for Westerners in Afghanistan.

"The Afghan war goes from bad to worse," said Hamish Chitts, Stand Fast spokesperson. "Only a matter of time before the mounting anger of Afghans at the ongoing insult to their sovereignty and culture takes more Australian lives."

"Not a single thing has been gained from 11 years of war in Afghanistan and not a single thing will be gained by staying one day longer."

The training and mentoring program for Afghanistan's new police force and army has now been made impossible. The whole concept has proven to be an incredibly expensive delusion.

There are no more hearts and minds to be won in Afghanistan.

But there is Australian and Afghan blood there to be saved.

"If Gillard can't come up with an exit plan she should listen to the plan the majority Australians already have - withdraw Australian troops from Afghanistan immediately."

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Hamish Chitts, Stand Fast



I totally agree with this article.
Of all the war veterans, and specifically those from a just war (Not Vietnam) the second world war, I've heard again and again, with potent knowing, there is no rhyme nor reason for Australians to be fighting a war in Afghanistan.
From one elderly man who is still with mindfulness and a lot of memory(as validated by doctors) with a Queens Honour OAM, "The War in Afghanistans is unjust and Australia shouldn't have anyone of our own over there, it's unwinnable" and costing Australia a lot in diverse ways.
I add, this Vet. also thinks from lived war exoeriences in many countries, the war in Iraq does not need Australian soldiers either.
i.e. We should withdraw all soldiers from both of these wars that have nothing to do with Australia.
There is aboslutely no guarantee USA wil come to our aid if we were targeted by any other country.
As this article is about Afghanistan specific I would also draw everyone's attention to the Sydney Peace Foundation's thoughtful and considered views and truths about both wars.
Vietnam was an unjust war, this is now acknowledged.
Australians went there and came back tortured, hysically and psychologically damaged, needing a lot of help, those who lived through it. This is shameful, but truth. We shouldn;t have been there.
Afghanistan, and our involvement is wrong and the PM should consder the views and truths of those who have exoerienced war first hand as more than one have spoken up about "Bring our troops home from Afghanistan, it serves no purpose and is destroying our people's lives one way or another".
Yes, the veterans and many millions of others are saying "PM, Get the troops out fast."


I'm with every support for this comment or article.
We shouldn't be involved in the war in Afghanistan.
Should never have attempted that one, again, yes, again.
it's all been tried too many times.
Ask your grandads who were in the 2nd world war and they'll tell you the facts.

If you think the second world war was Just,have another think about it.
When Hitler invaded Poland the English declared war on Germany,But at the very same time Russia also invaded Poland why was war never declared on Russia???
The Veterans all fought a war for greed and money and the building of Israel.
The Afghan war is fought for greed and money and to keep Israel safe.
Don't see much difference do you?