electionWIRE on YouTube! Young Australian voices on the 2010 election

Vibewire and YouTube team up on electionWIRE to bring fresh video reporting to the Australian federal election

electionWIRE on YouTube is calling citizen reporters to report the election their way.

It’s Election Time! The airwaves are buzzing with politics. Who will win? What do the parties and candidates represent? Who cares?

Today, Vibewire Youth Inc announces the launch of electionWIRE on YouTube, a dedicated channel for young Australians to have their say and to report the news of the Federal election their way.


Veterans group to Gillard, “No more lies, respect soldiers' lives!”

press release
12 July 2010

Stand Fast, a group of veterans and former military personnel who oppose the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, has asked Prime Minister Julia Gillard to stop misleading the people of Australia and to come clean about the war in Afghanistan. The group's comments are in response to Gillard's use of the death of another Australian soldier in Afghanistan to peddle false justifications for Australian involvement in this unpopular war.


Victory in court for Stop the Afghan War peace protestors – followed by nine more arrests

Four peace protestors the “Bonhoeffer 4” who trespassed on and successfully shut down for a day, the secretive Swan Island military base on March 31st have had their charges dismissed by a Geelong Magistrate. Despite pleading guilty to trespass, the Magistrate chose to use a little known provision of the crimes act which allowed him to dismiss the charges altogether! Forty protestors soon after returned to the gates of the base for a further protest calling for Australian troops to be pulled out of Afghanistan and nine people who refused to move were arrested for hindering police.


Veterans group says President Obama not welcome down under

MEDIA RELEASE, 2 June, 2010 - Stand Fast, the Australian-based veterans group which is comprised of veterans and former military personnel who oppose the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, is calling on all people of conscience to protest the upcoming visit of Barack Obama in mid-June.

"Why should we welcome a war criminal?" asked Stand Fast spokesperson and East Timor veteran, Hamish Chitts. "Obama is not a force for progress, he is not a man of peace - from his first day in office he has firmly placed himself in the camp of the warmongers and war-profiteers."


Hazara Australians to protest across Australia at Afghanistan genocide

Hazara Australians are saying that Afghanistan is unsafe for Hazaras and they are asking the international community to intervene and protect Hazaras from being massacred. Thousands of Australian Hazaras and their supporters will gather in all main cities of Australia on Sunday, 30 May 2010 to protest against the current wave of attacks on Hazaras by Kochi (nomad) as the Taliban Pushtoon forces backed by Karzai Government and to show that the condition for Hazaras in Afghanistan and those fleeing as refugees, is unsafe and far from improved.

Hit the 'emergency stop' button on the Afghanistan war!

In the week before Easter 2010 the Bonhoeffer Peace Collective went to the Swan Island Military base to press the emergency stop button on the war in Afghanistan. They face Geelong Magistrates Court in the last week of May/first week of June and would love you to join them in a celebration of active, vibrant resistance to war on that day. Join them in either an arrestable or non-arrestable action back at the base straight after their court appearance. Now it's your turn to hit the emergency stop button!


Awful days ahead for refugees

Over the next few weeks hundreds of Afghan Hazaras in Darwin, Christmas Island and Villawood detention centres, are going to be refused visas on the grounds that Afghanistan is "evolving" and that it is safe to return. The evidence of persecution and the stories of fear of return have not changed in the past month.
The Hazaras were being granted refugee visas at the rate of 100% until now. What has changed are politics in Australia and the looming election.


BREAKING NEWS: Bonhoeffer activists in secret military base NOW!!!

updates from the activists as it happens:

News Release:

The Bonhoeffer Peace Collective

Activists breach secret military base

At 6am this morning, four Christian peace activists entered Swan Island, one ofAustralia’s most secret military installations near Queenscliff, Victoria, seeking to disrupt the war in Afghanistan.

“Both Swan Island and the war on Afghanistan are out of sight, out of mind. It’s time to end further suffering of the Afghan people and our soldiers by bringing our troops home,” the group said.


Melbourne antiwar activists call for surge in peace movement on 8th anniversary of Afghanistan war

Antiwar activists are holding a two day vigil outside Flinders Street Station to mark the eighth anniversary of the war in Afghanistan. From 8am until 6pm on Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th October under huge a banner reading, "End the Afghanistan War" they will recite the names of those killed on all sides of the war.