Protests slam Philippines-Australia military pact

Anti-war and progressive groups in the Philippines have requested Australian solidarity against a Status of Visiting Forces Agreement between Australia and the Philippines currently before the Philippines Senate for ratification. On June 6 there were two anti-war demos against this Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) which is seen as part of a US-led military build up in the Asian region aimed at China.

Syria: No to foreign intervention

Statement 26th Feb 2012 Stop the War Coalition opposes sanctions against Syria – steps towards a military intervention – by the United States, Israel, NATO or any other foreign power.

We oppose the violence by the Syrian state and the armed mercenaries and agent provocateurs which, in many cases, are being supported by foreign powers.

Why are so many progressive Australians backing another war of U.S. Imperialism in Syria?

Over the last few weeks I have been sent by email or seen on Facebook many appeals calling for “International Action” in Syria. They have come from organisations such as AVAAZ, Amnesty USA but I have even seen one from Occupy Melbourne. Those appeals have been posted by people I consider to be progressive. Many of these people would definitely consider themselves anti-war and would have opposed the invasion of Iraq in 2003 by the U.S. and the “Coalition of the Willing”.

No to US and Chinese expansionism

PHILIPPINES: Akbayan Party condemns plans for increased United States military presence in the country amid burgeoning Chinese military expansionism. We believe these acts by the two superpowers will inevitably destabilize the West Philippine Sea and Southeast Asian region.

Speaking out against Obama wars

Report of the Resistance to the visit by US President to Canberra Thursday 17 November 2011 by Graeme Dunstan of

Good to be standing for peace with friends outside the Parliament, while Obama was inside beating a drum for war in the Pacific. All in all it was an evocative witness, few in number, good in feeling and dramatically artful.

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Palm Sunday silent vigil for peace - 17 April 2011

Peace activists held a silent vigil on the lawns of the State Library in Melbourne on Palm Sunday before making their way to a Peace Forum at the Wesley Uniting Church in Lonsdale Street (details


"End the Afghanistan War" - peak hour vigil 14 September 2010

Anti-war campaigners held a vigil at the Elizabeth St entrance to Melbourne Central station during the peak hour rush this evening, holding banners reading "End the Afghanistan War" and "Hit the STOP Button on the Afghanistan War". Although most passers-by were obviously rushing to catch their trains, as can be seen in some of the accompanying photos, many took leaflets, and a few stopped to discuss the issues.


Stand Fast - Veterans "speak out" against Afghanistan War

Stand Fast had another successful barracks speakout against the war in Afghanistan on Thursday, September 9, outside of Brisbane's Gallipoli Barracks – home of the Australian Army's 7th Brigade. Graeme Dunstan from Stand Fast provided great visual impact with huge and striking banners and flags and he also provided the sound through the PA of his Peacebus. Over the 5 hour protest about 20 people attended and helped hand out flyers to the soldiers entering and leaving the barracks with many staying for the entire time.