Speaking out against Obama wars

Report of the Resistance to the visit by US President to Canberra Thursday 17 November 2011 by Graeme Dunstan of

Good to be standing for peace with friends outside the Parliament, while Obama was inside beating a drum for war in the Pacific. All in all it was an evocative witness, few in number, good in feeling and dramatically artful.

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OZ Catholic Workers gather, Ciaron O'Reilly speaks outside of Julian Assange extraditon hearing in London

Anti-War Solidarity with Julian Assange - Verdict on Extradition Thurs Feb 24th. 2011

Youtube (4mins 39 secs) - Anti-War Solidarity with Manning & Assange outside Julian Assange Extraditon Hearing in London
Verdict - February 24th 2011

London based Australian Catholic Workers - Ciaron (Brisbane), Roland (Melbourne), Rowan, (Adelaide) and Sue (Melbourne) joined with folks from WikiLeaks London Support, Justice for Assange and Anonymous over last week's three days of Julian Assange's extradition at Woolwich Courty/Belmarsh Prison.