U.S. Imperialism

Australia commits to indefinite military occupation of Afghanistan.

The signing of the Long term partnership between Australia and Afghanistan by Julia Gillard and Hamid Karzai at the NATO summit in Chicago on 20th May is being presented by the government and the press as an “aid commitment” as part of the “end of the Afghanistan war”. This is a lie.

Whilst the majority of Australian troops are returning from Afghanistan in 2013, these are the troops involved in training the Afghan army, the agreement is a commitment for Australian Special Forces to occupy Afghanistan indefinitely alongside the U.S. Our Special Forces, the only Australian troops in a combat role, will continue in the name of “security” to operate as defacto assassination squads for the U.S. Peace activist will be saying no to both the U.S. alliance, escalating militarism and the occupation of Afghanistan when they blockade the Swan Island military base where the SAS train in September at the Swan Island Peace Convergence 2012
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The role of the U.S. in the leadership crisis in the ALP

As the media goes into overdrive discussing the leadership crisis in the ALP, the real story of the June 2010 coup against Rudd and its ongoing implications are being ignored. Rudd was removed by a few faceless men in the ALP for a number of reasons: Due to domestic pressure from the mining companies, due to frustration from sections of the business elite about his stimulus package and due to hostility by the U.S. to the Rudd's Government's position on China and the Afghan War. It has been written out of history by the press that Mark Arbib one of the key coup plotters was a U.S. spy and as the following article outlines, the recent Four Corners program has revealed further evidence that the U.S. Government had advance notice of the coup against Rudd. I highly recommend the following article and others on the World Socialist Website to get the real story about Australian politics - make no mistake there is far more than a clash of personalities going on in Canberra right now.

U.S. war criminals in Oz as Australia boosts its involvement in U.S. war machine

Hillary Clinton arrived in Melbourne today (6/11/2010) and will soon be joined by Secretary of Defence Robert Gates. These high level U.S. war criminals will then be meeting the Prime Minister and other politicians as part of the annual AUSMIN talks in Canberra on Monday. The whole visit and itinerary has been kept secret, supposedly for "security" but more likely to prevent any public protests against U.S. imperialism and the U.S. Australian alliance. On the agenda for the talks include the development of new U.S. bases in Australia, escalation of the conflict with Iran and of course Australia's involvement in the increasingly bloody Afghan war. If anyone has any details of any snap protests planned please post ASAP.


War is Peace - Pilger on Obama

Below is an article from John Pilger that highlights the absurdity of Obama winning the recent Nobel Peace Prize whilst escalating the war in Afghanistan, Pakistan and threatening war in Iran. He also outlines how Obama at the behest of U.S. Imperialism is building 7 new military bases in Columbia, hoping to build on the "success" of the coup Honduras and turn back the tide of democracy in the U.S.'s backyard and bring back the era of death squads and neo-liberal economics.

War is peace. Ignorance is strength 15 Oct 2009