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Ploughshare activist Bryan Law in Rockhampton court

Rocky Tiger Ploughshares Media Statement 24 May 2012 Bryan Law, the peace activist who disabled an Australian Army Tiger helicopter with a blow from a garden mattock during the Talisman Sabre war games last June, will appear in Rockhampton Court at 9 am today.

Mr Law is defending himself. He expects the outcome of the appearance will be a "hand up committal" to stand trial in the District Court at some future date.on two Commonwealth charges: “willful damage” and “threatening an aircraft”.


Tiger Two Ploughshare Activists in Court

Bryan Law and Graeme Dunstan, the two peace activists charged with doing willful damage to an Australian Army Tiger helicopter during the Talisman Sabre war games last year, will appear in Rockhampton Court at about 11 am TODAY Thursday 10 May 2012.

The pair have made no plea and expect the appearance in the Magistrate's Court will result in a "hand up committal" to stand trial in the District Court at a future date.


Ten years of war in Afghanistan challenged by Australian peace activists

Protests in Australia occurred to mark ten years of Australia’s involvement in the brutal U.S. led occupation of Afghanistan which began on October 7th 2001. Despite overwhelming opposition to the war, the response of the Australian peace movement was small. The largest demonstration was in Sydney wherer the Sydney Stop The War Coalition and Stand Fast held a rally and march. See video. In Melbourne, a small protest occurred in the city square and a St Pauls Cathedral. Some direct action did occure when five Christian activists in Brisbane were arrested as part of group of 25 people protesting outside Enoggera army Base. Enoggera Army base is a major staging point for troops departing for the Afghan war.


Kath Kelly - U.S. Peace activist speaking tour in Australia

Kathy Kelly arrives in Australia tomorrow from the U.S. for an 8 week speaking tour. I'm writing to you personally to encourage you to attend her events in your city. The tour website is


Byron Bay Peace Party

The Byron Peace Party to mark International Day of Peace on Wed 21st September saw people gather at the Peace Pole for a picnic and peace pow wow. The theme of peace was highlighted by the Israeli and Palestinian flags flying side by side with the rainbow peace flags and a sign that read "Another World Is Possible".

The sunset Peace Concert - featuring Shai Shriki (Israel), Gulami Yesildal (Turkey) and Laura Targett (UK) - was another symbol of unity through music and culture.


Be Clear, Not Nuclear! Hiroshima Day - Bryon Bay 6/8/11

Several hundred people - along with their babies and dogs - rallied in the heart of Byron at Railway Park to express their opposition to the deadly uranium industry on Sat 6th Aug, Hiroshima Day and to stand in solidarity with the people of Fukushima.

Quoting economist Joseph Steiglitz, MC Harsha Prabhu pointed out the similarities between Wall Street and Fukushima, both symbols of rogue capitalism: delusional speculation, technological hubris, public subsidies and private greed. The fate of the planet hinged on who would win the war: the corporations or the people.


Peace activist arrested trying to attend Talisman Sabre Ball in Rockhampton

As part of a campaign to challenge Rockhampton mayor Brad Carter, who is a shameless advocate for turning Rockhampton into a garrison of the US Empire, peace activists Bryan Law and Margaret both bought tickets to the Council hosted Talisman Sabre Ball which is also attended by members of the U.S. military brass for $120 each. The Council then proceeded to cancel the two's tickets by delivering a hand delivered letter from the CEO.