ARZone's Vegan Buddies now fully operational

Animal Rights Zone (ARZone), the global campaigning, activities, and social network for animal advocates, announces the third phase of their ongoing Vegan Buddies Programme.

With a new video
[direct YouTube link:] this phase of ARZone’s Vegan Buddies programme makes the facility publicly available to people who are new to veganism or who are thinking of or interested in living vegan.

Vegan Buddies Programme launch by Animal Rights Zone

Animal Rights Zone (ARZone), the worldwide social network and advocacy site, officially launches their global Vegan Buddies programme.
ARZone’s Vegan Buddies,
* with its own website sections - -
* a podcast - - featuring an “audio tour” of the programme,
* and a short introductory video - -
is now live via the main ARZone site -

Kath Kelly - U.S. Peace activist speaking tour in Australia

Kathy Kelly arrives in Australia tomorrow from the U.S. for an 8 week speaking tour. I'm writing to you personally to encourage you to attend her events in your city. The tour website is


Building a movement: some lessons from Swan Island

Over the last year and a small group of antiwar activists from Melbourne have been escalating our nonviolent resistance to the war in Afghanistan, focussing on the Swan Island Military Base off Queenscliff, Victoria. Australia has 1550 troops in Afghanistan; most are involved in mentoring and training Afghan National Army, but approximately 350 are the elite SAS, who are doing the targeted killings. Swan Island is one of two major training facilities for SAS troops, as well as the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS).