ARZone's Vegan Buddies now fully operational

Animal Rights Zone (ARZone), the global campaigning, activities, and social network for animal advocates, announces the third phase of their ongoing Vegan Buddies Programme.

With a new video
[direct YouTube link:] this phase of ARZone’s Vegan Buddies programme makes the facility publicly available to people who are new to veganism or who are thinking of or interested in living vegan.

Vegan Buddies Programme launch by Animal Rights Zone

Animal Rights Zone (ARZone), the worldwide social network and advocacy site, officially launches their global Vegan Buddies programme.
ARZone’s Vegan Buddies,
* with its own website sections - -
* a podcast - - featuring an “audio tour” of the programme,
* and a short introductory video - -
is now live via the main ARZone site -

CSIRO says go Veg to Fight Climate Change

In a reversal of their previous bogus "eat meat" dietary advice, the CSIRO in their new CSIRO's Home Energy Saving Handbook has come clean and told Australians that going vegetarian can help half their personal carbon footprint and keep them healthy. What are you waitng for meat eaters - stop eating meat for the planet.