ARZone's Vegan Buddies now fully operational

Animal Rights Zone (ARZone), the global campaigning, activities, and social network for animal advocates, announces the third phase of their ongoing Vegan Buddies Programme.

With a new video
[direct YouTube link:] this phase of ARZone’s Vegan Buddies programme makes the facility publicly available to people who are new to veganism or who are thinking of or interested in living vegan.

“Vegan Buddies” is a worldwide vegan mentoring scheme designed to offer support and encouragement to new and aspiring vegans. Knowledgeable ARZone Vegan Buddy Mentors are standing by to talk with new and inexperienced vegans,” said Carolyn Bailey, ARZone founder.

ARZone is excited to spread the word of this initiative to new and potential vegans who will be able to interact with their vegan mentors via ARZone in a number of ways using the website’s features. For example, they can speak to the mentors as a group or to individual mentors, via the VB discussion forum, or by posting in the ARZone real-time chat room. ARZone also hosts videos related to veganism and animal rights, as well as the transcripts to more than 80 interviews ARZone has conducted with prominent members of the vegan and advocacy communities worldwide.

“I’m delighted that ARZone’s Vegan Buddies programme is now in place and up and running. Vegan Buddies is a great facility which will be a major benefit to new vegans at a time when the number of vegans appears to be rising in several countries,” said Carolyn Bailey.

“Whether new and aspiring vegans want one-to-one support, recipes, ideas about clothing and vegan household goods, to explore the philosophy of veganism, or talk to the general Vegan Buddies community, our new programme can provide it. Although the percentage of vegans is growing in many populations around the world, new vegans may not know any other vegans yet. ARZone’s Vegan Buddies programme can help them find friendly support in their first weeks and months of veganism,” she added.

More details or to arrange media interviews with ARZone founder and Vegan Buddies Co-ordinator Carolyn Bailey (Australia) +61 (0)467 328380, or Vegan Buddies Co-ordinator Dr. Roger Yates, please write to or phone (Ireland) +353 (0)86 100 6763.

ARZone was founded in 2009 by Carolyn Bailey and now has more than 2600 members.

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This is a great concept and community service. Fantastic idea, and thanks for reaching out and letting people know about it! I will be taking advantage of this for sure.

great stuff, very helpful people