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Liberal Senator Targets Undercover Video Activists


If you think that activism is important in Australia then you should be very concerned about new legislation put forward by Liberal Party Senator Chris Back.

His legislation will place strong curbs on the secret video recording of animal cruelty. 

If passed, the law would require investigators to report to authorities immediately if they have recorded any footage documenting cruelty.

This rule would prevent investigators from gathering extensive evidence of systemic or long term abuse.


Court Protects Animal Exploiters, Activists Fined

The legal system has failed the hens once again. Almost one year since ALV's rooftop protest at an Egg Production Factory in Somerville, the Somerville 12 (pictured above) faced the Frankston Magistrate Court. All 12 were found guilty of "Refusing to Leave Private Place". Although no convictions were handed down, the activists were fined $1,000 each.


ARZone's Vegan Buddies now fully operational

Animal Rights Zone (ARZone), the global campaigning, activities, and social network for animal advocates, announces the third phase of their ongoing Vegan Buddies Programme.

With a new video
[direct YouTube link:] this phase of ARZone’s Vegan Buddies programme makes the facility publicly available to people who are new to veganism or who are thinking of or interested in living vegan.

Vegan Buddies Programme launch by Animal Rights Zone

Animal Rights Zone (ARZone), the worldwide social network and advocacy site, officially launches their global Vegan Buddies programme.
ARZone’s Vegan Buddies,
* with its own website sections - -
* a podcast - - featuring an “audio tour” of the programme,
* and a short introductory video - -
is now live via the main ARZone site -

Gillard caves in on animal cruelty

The ALP has almost completely backed down on demanding proper animal welfare standards in Indonesia.

The government has now lifted the ban on live cattle exports but doesn’t have any guarantees that cows will be killed humanely.

Animals Australia says under the new plan cows will continue to have their throats cut while fully conscious, often with small, inadequate knives.

The government has refused to demand mandatory stunning of cattle before they are killed. “Stunning would not be required, but ''encouraged''.


Animal Rights Zone (ARZone) Reaches 2000 Members!

International grassroots abolitionist animal rights social network now has more than 2000 active members.

Animal Rights Zone (ARZone), the voluntary abolitionist animal rights social network, formed in December 2009, has also just topped 2000 active members who take part in weekly guest interviews and workshops, write forum and blog entries about the pressing issues of the day in the animal advocacy movement.

The Animal Rights Zone Tom Regan Week.

Preeminent animal rights philosopher Professor Tom Regan is the award-winning author of more than 20 books, including The Case for Animal Rights (1983), Defending Animal Rights (2001) and Empty Cages: Facing the Challenge of Animal Rights (2004). He has been described as “the philosophical leader of the animal rights movement” by the editors of Utne Reader (October, 2010) , who named him, along with the Dali Lama, as “one of fifty visionaries who are changing the world” [1] and is co-founder (with his partner Nancy) of the Culture and Animals Foundation.[2]

Animal Liberation Victoria occupies battery hen farm roof in Victoria

More than 20 animal rights activists have occupied the roof of the Somerville Egg Farm all day today (4th May) to protest against what they say are appalling conditions within the facility. Police are present and there is a large media contingent. The protestors say they will stay "as long it takes". There has been at least one arrest.
For updates visit Animal Liberation facebook page


'No more mulesed wool!' - PETA protest at Melbourne Fashion Week show - 15 March 2011

Continuing its campaign against 'mulesing', People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) staged a protest this evening outside the Designer Award 2011 Finalist show, part of Melbourne Fashion Week sponsored by Woolmark. Two women wearing heart-shaped signs were accompanied by other campaigners holding placards reading 'No more mulesed wool', and others distributed leaflets.

Earlier, PETA had emailed more than 5oo stud merino breeders calling on them to act to stop the practice -

From PETA's blog: