Vegan Buddies Programme launch by Animal Rights Zone

Animal Rights Zone (ARZone), the worldwide social network and advocacy site, officially launches their global Vegan Buddies programme.
ARZone’s Vegan Buddies,
* with its own website sections - -
* a podcast - - featuring an “audio tour” of the programme,
* and a short introductory video - -
is now live via the main ARZone site -

Vegan Buddies is a mentoring scheme by which new and aspiring vegans can make contact and gain support from experienced vegans around the globe. ARZone hope that the scheme will be so successful online that new vegans will be able to eventually meet up with their mentors for support, encouragement, and friendship as they explore vegan philosophy and its lifestyle.

ARZone’s founding member, Ms. Carolyn Bailey said: “I’m so very pleased to announce the beginning of our new Vegan Buddies initiative. This is an exciting time for ARZone as we officially launch this global mentoring service for the vegan animal rights movement. ARZone Vegan Buddies is designed to complement existing vegan mentoring programmes run by other groups and vegan societies. Given our global reach, we plan to help co-ordinate the effort to help and assist new vegans gain the support they need in their first weeks and months of living vegan.”

The roll-out of ARZone’s Vegan Buddies will be in three stages.
1. Provision of the website space for Vegan Buddies;
2. Appealing for experienced vegans to sign up to be an ARZone Vegan Buddy mentor;
3. Making the Vegan Buddies initiative known to aspiring and new vegans in order for them to make use of the facility.

ARZone’s current announcement represents stage two in this process. One of ARZone’s Vegan Buddies co-ordinators, Dr. Roger Yates, explains: “We are now engaged in finding the existing vegans who will be the ARZone Vegan Buddies. Through the ARZone website, prospective vegan mentors can contact us on to begin the simple process of them signing up to be a Vegan Buddy. While we are recruiting these mentors, we are also researching the means by which ARZone can make its services available to new and inexperienced vegans.”

“As well as Vegan Buddies, ARZone provides a resource for all animal advocates, young and old, long-time members of the animal advocacy movement or newbies, who can benefit from the contacts they can make via the site, and the rich source of information there,” Carolyn Bailey, ARZone founder, added.

Animal Rights Zone (ARZone) was founded by animal rights advocate Carolyn Bailey in 2009. ARZone has conducted more than 80 “chat” interviews with members of the vegan and animal advocacy community, produced more than 30 podcasts, run special member’s workshops, and have conducted formal interviews with leading animal advocates such as Professor Tom Regan (The Case for Animal Rights), Professor Richard Ryder (Animal Revolution, and the person who coined the terms “speciesism”), and Patty Mark (founder of Animal Liberation Victoria in Australia and originator of the technique of Open Rescue).