Australian soldier dies for a Mubarak look-a-like: Stand Fast press release

Stand Fast Press release: 4th February 2011
"The death of 22 year old Corporal Richard Atkinson in Afghanistan saddens and angers me", said Hamish Chitts, veteran of East Timor and spokesperson for Stand Fast, an Australian-based group of veterans and former military personnel."He and the 21 Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan have died defending a regime as a corrupt and fraudulent as that of Hosni Mubarak in Eygpt."


Letter from Parliament Square

Letter from Parliament Square by Paul O'Hanlon

This article is about the long term peace campaign of Brian Haw and Barbara Tucker; the so called ‘Democracy Village` which occupied Parliament Square gardens for several months until July 20th this year had no connection with Brian Haw’s long running campaign.


Veterans group says hidden casualties must be considered in war debate.

Press release - 18 October 2010
On Tuesday, 19th October the Australian Parliament will debate Australian military involvement in the war and occupation of Afghanistan. Stand Fast, a group of veterans and former military personnel opposed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, is calling on the debate to openly consider and recognise the hidden casualties of this war and the long term cost this has on communities.

Flashmob protest on 9th anniversary of Afghanistan War

Nine years of Australian defence forces in Afghanistan was remembered by three flashmob die-ins: on the steps of Flinders street station, outside the old GPO, and at the State Library steps today in Melbourne.

Photos | Youtube video: Ninth anniversary of Afghanistan War remembered in Melbourne with a Flashmob protest


Andrew Wilkie blasts the Iraq and Afghanistan wars

In a hard hitting maiden speech as the independant MP for Denison in Tasmania, Andrew Wilkie has hit out at both the Iraq and Afghanistan War. He accused the architects of the Iraq war of not caring about those the war killed and labelled our involvement in Afghanistan as being based on a "great lie".:

In a blunt statement he stated on the Iraq War


"End the Afghanistan War" - peak hour vigil 14 September 2010

Anti-war campaigners held a vigil at the Elizabeth St entrance to Melbourne Central station during the peak hour rush this evening, holding banners reading "End the Afghanistan War" and "Hit the STOP Button on the Afghanistan War". Although most passers-by were obviously rushing to catch their trains, as can be seen in some of the accompanying photos, many took leaflets, and a few stopped to discuss the issues.


Stand Fast - Veterans "speak out" against Afghanistan War

Stand Fast had another successful barracks speakout against the war in Afghanistan on Thursday, September 9, outside of Brisbane's Gallipoli Barracks – home of the Australian Army's 7th Brigade. Graeme Dunstan from Stand Fast provided great visual impact with huge and striking banners and flags and he also provided the sound through the PA of his Peacebus. Over the 5 hour protest about 20 people attended and helped hand out flyers to the soldiers entering and leaving the barracks with many staying for the entire time.


Australia subsidises US assault operations

The Stop the War Coalition (StWC) condemns the latest Australian government’s purchase of 18 drones (Shadow 200) and training packages worth $175 m.

Ms Marlene Obeid, spokesperson for the anti-war group, said “the drones are part of an offensive weapons system that, almost certainly, will be linked to US systems in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“In other words, Australia will be subsidising US assault operations, which are more than likely to result in the death of more Afghan women and children.