Veterans group says Abbott's attitude is bipartisan

Standfast Press Release 9/2/2011 - “Tony Abbott's 'shit happens' comment in regard to the death of Lance Corporal Jared MacKinney reflects the real attitude the Liberals and ALP have for soldiers and for working people in general,” said Hamish Chitts, veteran of East Timor and spokesperson for Stand Fast, an Australian-based group of veterans and former military personnel.

“After the funerals when the cameras are switched off and the crocodile tears are dried, these politicians shrug their shoulders and say, “shit happens, keep sending troops in.” When the US says the war in Afghanistan could go on for another ten years they say, “shit happens,” when intelligence analysts around the world say the war in Afghanistan is unwinnable and does not make Australia safer, parliament says, “shit happens, we wont slacken our commitment.”

This same attitude is reserved for the deaths of Afghanistan's civilians, for the corrupt regime and for the huge psychological impact this brutal and pointless war is having on Australian troops.

Meanwhile there are people trying to recover from natural disasters all around the country, governments are saying they'll do all they can but their actions show the same contempt for ordinary working people as they do for soldiers. The Federal Government plans to cut funding to health, education and other social services while at the same time stinging workers with a 'disaster levy'. While they talk tough about tightening our belts for the rebuilding effort they are spending over $26 billion each year on the war in Afghanistan.

“$26 billion a year is a lot to pay for death, destruction and trauma and a lot to pay propping up a corrupt opium dealing dictatorship. We say end the lies, drop the shit happens attitude and bring the troops home now!”

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