9 11

US response to 9/11 nothing to do with victims

By Hamish Chitts

As the corporate media and pro-war politicians launch an intensified propaganda campaign around the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks to sell the war in Afghanistan it is important to examine the US response to these terrible events and the impact this has had on working class people in Australia and around the world.

Respects to Saif Gaddafi & Osama bin Laden


And, to Colonel Gaddafi's grandchildren, allegedly killed in the same bombing that killed his son Saif.

So who is next?

Perhaps all they have to do now is knock me off?

Bring it on, psychos!

Whatever the winners record for 'posterity' about those they deem as 'enemies', there will always be a number, and in today's widespread underground information-web and the to-themselves cynicism toward the superpowers, a very high number of us will look down on and 'spit' on the 'official' news stories and metaphorically on those who fabricate them.