Respects to Saif Gaddafi & Osama bin Laden


And, to Colonel Gaddafi's grandchildren, allegedly killed in the same bombing that killed his son Saif.

So who is next?

Perhaps all they have to do now is knock me off?

Bring it on, psychos!

Whatever the winners record for 'posterity' about those they deem as 'enemies', there will always be a number, and in today's widespread underground information-web and the to-themselves cynicism toward the superpowers, a very high number of us will look down on and 'spit' on the 'official' news stories and metaphorically on those who fabricate them.

After the first reports that Saif Gaddafi was dead, came rumors that he is not, and that the first reports were fabricated by the Gaddafi regime to foster sympathy.

Perhaps so?

Perhaps like the whole fabrication of “9/11”, and the utterly pernicious abuse of the Peoples' trust, by the right wing western media, to sell to us the fictions that Saddam Hussein was responsible, etc?

Everyone knows these daze that Truth is the first casualty in war, and in the wars of the last 100 years and more, so who of us really believes anything the mainstream 'Fox-like' media tells us?

Or, of course therefore, who believes anything the dominant governments tell us?

I, and a hell-of-a-lot of Righteous Dudes, Warriors and Peaceful Fighters for a more Just world, went well-beyond the 'Call-of-Duty' to muster voter support in 2006/7 for Barack Obama in the US Presidential 'race'.

Clearly, whether Obama or Hillarious Clinton won the Democrat top spot, and ascended to the White House, the Democrats are as in-deep in the dark global powers of Zionism, as any GW Bush, Dick Cheney or Tricky-Dicky Nixon.

The media coverage of the alleged death of Comrade Osama bin Laden continued making lies truth by reiterating that he was the mastermind of the destruction of the WTC twin towers, as will every media outlet from here forward, no doubt.

We are expected to believe it, true or not.

is DESIGNED....,
to make
LIES sound TRUTHful
& to give the
APPEARance of solidity  
pure wind 

-George Orwell-

We are then, expected to forget everything we were 'told' in the days immediately following that 2001 tragedy, and forget all the photographs and video footage which showed clearly that the following stories were wrong.

In the same world of fiction-making media, we are expected to believe that Islam is evil, that then, Australian Aborigines are not Human, that everyone in Iran is a terrorist, that the war on drugs is proper, and is not based on both corporate-military lies and long-engineered fictions about who is really making trillions from keeping opium/heroin and other harmless AND medicative herbs and natural plants on the 'illegal' list, and that we should trust the police and the royals, the government AND the opposition, the media HAHAHAHA..., and pharmaceutical, mining, weapons-manufacturers and secret societies.

No wonder the fictions of “Harry Potter” have won the minds and hearts of so many millions of children!

If someone enticed J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter's fabricator) to stand for some future world president in 15-to-25 years, she'd be elected hands-down, going by the reduction of applied Intelligence, Reason (the same thing) Wisdom, and of just plain, simple and HONEST Common Sense, in the upcoming generations who were incubated on her fanciful tales of childhood heroics and MAGIC!

If anything IS real, in this fictional age, then we can know that the Greats who Stand against the tyranny and delusional horrors of Zionist propaganda, movies, news, sitcoms and whatever-else wins our attention-thus-fanciful-adoration, ARE in their after-death life, living in Heaven, and as likely, with 49 Virgins - female if the Greats were Men - male, if the Greats were Women, and regard all this crazy myth-making, chaos and the rapid cultural slide downhill back here on Earth, as laughable!

If they remember it at all?

I hope, I do not.

History tells us that, in hindsight, we see things differently. Of a certainty, those who live long from today will have very different views about the global decline from what may or may not have been more tranquil lives/days, and the brash children of this age will be extremely hardened adults. Perhaps like those of the third world regions who have been recipients of the horror-tactics of the untruthful western powers over the last 100 or more years?

Will they still be extremely 'right wing' adults, as they think is the way to be now?

Will 'life' on a planet at perpetual war, everywhere but in the most-protected palaces and gated societies, bring them to their senses, and have them change their extremely selfish, psychotic and violence-based beliefs?

I am not optimistic.

Once all law-abiding has gone, in the most violent nations such as the United States of America and perpetually-struggling third world nations, the rule will be 'no respect' for others, and we'll be lucky to see anyone surviving beyond the age of being able to run from and defend themselves against encrazed marauders, carry and shamelessly use firearms and heavier weaponry.

The dis-ease will spread worldwide like wildfire, only lessened by the fact that other regions have not previously had such demonicly-required loose gun laws, etc.

Not that that ever stopped a gang of enraged youths from murdering those less able than themselves.

Yet, we have utter fools paid huge sums to keep the fictions rolling, in our parliaments, in our media houses, in our completely unjust commercial speculative markets, and, least Dignified, least Honorable, least Intelligent of all, in our Military?

And masses of them, whitefaced idiots all, want me to believe that we of this planet, are over-run by aliens, that I'm insane, that I'm an idiot for staying away from them and from the mainstream culture/society/personalities of this era, and make every effort to mock, lie-lie-fucking-lie, harass, terrorise and threaten me, because I talk True?

As written above..., bring it on, smug-plummeting-scum!

As for me, as for you.

Only the Truth will set you free!

Same applies for Rupert & James Murdoch.

As for me, as for you.

Or, perhaps, 'as above, so below'.........

Yes, I am blind. No, I don't see aliens.

But I refuse to believe the Catholic myth that I'm any superman, saviour, or hero whose here to banish evil-doers and aliens. Especially when I see the most evil are those who have spend millions, and millions of lives in world wars, to make a fiction appear as true, and who go about perpetuating cultural and planetary genocide (?) like none before them!

With the magic, like the secret societies ex-Brit-Eurape, you open a Pandora's Box by pinning your faith to it.

But, it's well-and-truly open now, and has you all by the balls. So you must take whatever the dark side throws back at you, for being so stupid as to start 'toying' with the superpowers of your Soul.

Those who play puppet master to the masses, by filling their minds with bullshit, as the Murdochs, Zionists, Catholics and Christians generally have, are not likely to find 'an afterlife of Virgins in Heaven' awaiting them, methinks.

So it is with the nobodies who are seduced to believe they are superheros.

As the now ancient radio show “The Goons” had it's compare 'Wallace Greenslade' state at the end of most programs “It's all in the mind, you know!”

It would seem logical, therefore, that we should 'clean-out our mind', if we are to stop the 'invasion', be-it from outer space, or from psychos-incorporated.

But what chance some 6-or-7 billion minds can purge themselves of these deeply ingrained beliefs about enemies and evil aliens and other stuff??

Perhaps, if Rome, ancient Rome, had not chosen the dark and stupefying, stultifying and mysticising path of 'faith' in the 4th century, over 'Gnosticism', at the Constantinian 'Councils of Nicea', the mainstream thereafter, unto today, would not have become so gullible, and would have rather better control of their thinking apparatus, thus would both not be interested, that-is seduced, in-and-by the worst possible fears and temptations, and would have known that their Duty, at all times, is to keep the mind clean of untruths, and thus would have always been vigilant against false leaders, false prophets, false dogma and ideology, false promises and knowing exactly what they would bring, would have from the west's earliest times, fearlessly gone to the barricades and fought-down, to dust, the evil minds of the plutocratic, oligarchic, delusional monarchic elite?

No matter what armies they set against them​?

But try telling that to the so-called 'Rebels' in Libya now!

Or to the scare-mongering pieces-of-shit in Zion's News International, the International Monetary Fund, the global weapons industry, pharmaceutical industry, the psychiatric and psychology 'professions', and at your local NEW car yard?

Smug-plummeting-scum.......and-a-blah-de-blah-de-blah to you all.......

I have no cause to write 'May the Souls of Osama bin Laden, and Saif Gaddafi Rest in Peace!'

They are, forever.......!

All Praise the Immortals!

All Praise the Warriors who have fallen Fighting for a Just World!

From the Traveling 4x4 Tent of
King Commo
aka Countryzen bin Eartha
aka Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth

Outlaw, for
Education &