"Economy" - The Musical mp3


Collage and samples:

Media, The Euro Crisis Song, Market Forces Herd, Newsjack, Trickle Up Economics Richard Wolfe, Newsquiz, E con o me E con o my The Economy Song by ThePapaGanders.com, Economics Demand Supply Song by Charlie Guevara Luis Espinoza, Fear by John Breeding, Fear the Boom and Bust by Hajek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem, GOP Rep. John Flemming Class Warfare, Vybz Kartel Money Why You Never Stay Money Love Song Remix, Economic Breakdown Song by Da Black Tie Boys, Recession Song, 60 Years An Economic Song Parody, Zorba The Greek 2 versions, Blame It On The Boogie Jackson Five

46:11 min 128 kbps stereo 42.3 MB