Massive poverty levels ignored in election campaign

Why have the major parties totally ignored the issue of poverty?

2.3 million Australians now live below the official poverty line.

"In a wealthy country like Australia, it is not acceptable for more than 2.3 million people, nearly 600,000 of whom are children, live below the poverty line," Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson for families and community services said today.


Medicare-Style Disability Levy Will Contribute to Growth

NDIS Levy Will Generate Growth : comment


If, heaven forfend, a certain Opposition Leader was ever to fall over his handlebars onto his noggin, who or what is going to look after his showering needs, treat his bedsores, mush his tucker, stop him absconding, restrain any violence, take him to the day care centre, putin ramps, sort out the mortgage and keep food on the family table? Disability Care will.



Welfare bashers return in latest government robes

Gillard and Macklin are about to launch (May 2011) a Welfare Bashing program to "assist" people back into the workforce and those on meagre benefits no less.
This follows the same format as what is being used in the Northern territory as both John Pilger and Eva Cox have warned the public about this abhorrent state of affairs. See: Newatilda and Eva Cox's: "It Began with the Intervention" and other potent articles about this topic.


Intervention: “Mothers are finding it hard to provide for their children and families”

MEDIA RELEASE – 31 March 2010 - Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin needs to stop perpetuating misinformation about income management and its supposed benefits, particularly to children, says a spokesperson for the Intervention Rollback Action Group, which is based in Alice Springs.