Global Banking Since 1694 [ audio ]

When we look around the present conditions of war against each other and the environment, one could not imagine that an act conceived in 1694 in London would be central to these present day issues.
The original Charter of the Bank of England from 1694 has been recorded, historical circumstances of the rising British Empire are presented and an in-depth commentary follows, to illustrate today's banking still operates in principle in the same way with debilitating and precarious effects for the planet and all life.

Parliamentary Act of 1694 with the Charter of the Bank of England sections 19 and 27 have been obtained from the archives of the House Of Lords London and spoken by Len, historical context provided by Jennifer Adam from the Museum and historical collections of the Bank of England from youtube, commentary by Graham and Music by 1930s Calypso Jamaica Money is King from youtube

30:00 min 128 kbps stereo 27.5 MB