war profits

'Give Peace A Chance' [ audio ]


Why our debt finance system needs war profits for the economy to survive - perpetual war caused by the financial debt system

Script from personal researched material by Graham Ferguson, presented by performance poet Len Martin, samples from Give Peace A Chance - Jon Lennon and Yoko Ono Band, Imagine this by Waxaudio, samples from Gil Scott Heron's poem The Military and the Monetary

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Monetary Military Madness mp3



samples of mainstream media, "21st Century Schizpois Man" King Crimson, "Startrek", movie samples of "The International", "Green on Blue" Harry Shearer, Afghani Mix, "Waterboarding USA" Harry Shearer, Jason Mc Cue, Black Mirror, Ayn Rand, Erich Fromm, Onion News, Noam Chomsky, movie samples of "War Inc", Finance Mix, Andy Borrowitz, "21st Century Schizoid Man" Greg Lake


Peace ? - Not A Chance ! mp3


explicit language !

War profiteering a necessary recourse for re-starting our stalled world economy.

Movie samples of " War Inc.", "International", news media, corporate videos, Jeremy Scahill, sounds by Suicide Machine, others...

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