Bindi Irwin stars in controversial indy activist film!

Some in the mainstream media have begun sharpening their knives ahead of the release of, Surviving Earth featuring Bindi Irwin (daughter of the late Steve Irwin - crocodile hunter) as the voice of youth among a scholarly cast including, Prof. Tim Flannery, Ian Dunlop, Prof. Ian Lowe and Uncle Bob Randall. Directed by Peter Charles Downey and made in Melbourne, Australia by United Natures Media and Peter Erb Media the independent movie style documentary brings environmental and humanitarian activism to mainstream.

The California Drought: Is this the big one?

Australia is no stranger to drought, or predictions of long-term drying. It's possible early settlers in both Australia and California simply lucked out on a long cyclical wet period, to be followed by much worse.

Scientists in North America have discovered past droughts in the southwest, including California, lasted hundreds of years. Is this the start of the big one?

Australian government approves nuclear irradiation of tomatoes

The irradiation of tomatoes & capsicums (bell peppers) has been approved by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) today.

Now, A1069 (the application for the irradiation of tomatoes and capsicums) only requires rubber-stamping from the Ministerial Council. Each state has at least one STATE MP on the Council. Let your local member know that you say NO!!!

Victory Gardens Past & Future

If you eat food, maybe you've noticed groceries costs more and more. Well stock up now, food inflation is just ramping up. It's not just the extra 200 million mouths to feed on the planet next year. Climate change is already re-arranging your food bill. Learn how cities can start feeding themselves - in just one year! from Lamanda Joy in Chicago.

Download Radio Ecoshock special on Victory Gardens (1 hour, 14 MB LoFi)

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Heat kills gardens & guerrilla planting

Listen to/download the audio:

SHOW LINE UP - 24 minutes

1. "Guerrilla Gardening"

How to create an edible landscape on public and private lands. UK "Guerrilla of Love" Chris Tomlinson explains how he secretly plants food, perennials and trees, in waste lands, untended gardens, and even city streets. Fun interview on serious topic, as economy erodes. Try it where you live.

2. "Global Famine Starts in Texas"

Required listening for heat waves in Australia. Your garden may produce nothing.

Developer destroys part of the heritage houses in Chippendale, Sydney

A Construction company has destroyed the yards at the rear of the heritage houses that the Co-op has been useing to grow plants and destroyed garden beds in our community garden. It appears this was done with out any application to the council or without notifying the co-op. 

The real problem thou is the destruction of the yards and structures of these significant houses. the yards have been bulldozed and some structures have been razed for ever.

Once agian we find ourselves at the mercy of construction companies that believe that they can do what ever they want.

The ‘Ever Green Revolution’ must start with justice

By Kristy Henderson

The father of India’s ‘Green Revolution’, Professor MS Swaminathan, delivered a lecture at Melbourne University on Monday night on how to feed the world’s poor in perpetuity. The evergreen revolution, as he calls this challenge, must be able to produce more, using less – less land, less water, less fertilizer.


Rising carbon emissions threaten crop yields and food security

Crop yields are under threat from rising carbon dioxide emissions with climate change, according to new scientific research. In a new study published in Science on wheat and the mustard plant Arabidopsis at the University of California at Davis, scientists found that increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide interferes with plants’ ability to convert nitrate into protein resulting in lower nutritional yield.

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Youtube censors Greenpeace parody video at food giant Nestlé's behest

Nestlé, the world's leading food and drinks company, has had Greenpeace's new video removed from YouTube on copyright grounds. The video is a response to Nestlé sourcing palm oil from companies involved in the destruction of rainforests and peatlands in Indonesia. Palm oil is used in many popular Nestlé brands. The destruction of rainforest and peatlands for palm oil plantations releases huge amounts of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere making Indonesia one of the highest emitters of CO2 and contributing to global warming.

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There is a continuing Global consumer boycott of Nestlé over infant formula marketing.