Victory Gardens Past & Future

If you eat food, maybe you've noticed groceries costs more and more. Well stock up now, food inflation is just ramping up. It's not just the extra 200 million mouths to feed on the planet next year. Climate change is already re-arranging your food bill. Learn how cities can start feeding themselves - in just one year! from Lamanda Joy in Chicago.

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Electric vehicles powering in Australia - Canberra fest this weekend

Media Release - 30.11.2012 - please circulate widely.


International Electric Vehicle Festival comes to Canberra CBD

The International Electric Vehicle Festival will be held in downtown Canberra in City Walk (Civic) next to the merry-go-round on December 1st 2012, demonstrating the potential for these vehicles to be sustainable transport options.


Sydney Crowd Funds Young Innovators

Support is on the rise for young, local, social entrepreneurs with fresh ideas and innovative projects. More than $3000 was raised in support of Sydney-based social entrepreneurs in a crowd-funding campaign. Dozens of Sydney-siders eager to help change-makers chipped in to make three scholarships available to social start up projects in the areas of sustainability, education and mental health.


Future Shots - Sustainability Film Challenge for young Victorians

Calling all young Victorians with a vision for a sustainable future

Are you under 25 and want to win some great cash and prizes? The Future Shots Sustainability Film Challenge is now open. For the second year running, Future Shots invites all Victorians 25 and under to create a short film of under three minutes addressing the theme of sustainability.

With over $9000 in cash and prizes to be won, Future Shots encourages young Victorians to creatively explore sustainability in their world.

Entry deadline is 15 November 2010.

FootPrints For Peace Australia

On 13 March 2010 five women aged from 37 to 69 began walking from Brisbane to Canberra to take a message to the prime minister. The message conveys the hopes and dreams of the Australian people, asking that we take steps towards a nuclear free future.