Austerity is the most stupid policy in the era of technological prosperity

Austerity is the most stupid policy in the era of technological prosperity

May 1st, International day of Paradism: for a world without work and money.

For the 3rd consecutive year, the Paradist movements around the world will celebrate the International day of paradism on May 1st, and participate peacefully in the demonstrations that will take place for Labour day.


Electric vehicles powering in Australia - Canberra fest this weekend

Media Release - 30.11.2012 - please circulate widely.


International Electric Vehicle Festival comes to Canberra CBD

The International Electric Vehicle Festival will be held in downtown Canberra in City Walk (Civic) next to the merry-go-round on December 1st 2012, demonstrating the potential for these vehicles to be sustainable transport options.


Pioneering solar photovoltaic centre of excellence loses research funding

Why is a ground breaking solar research facility losing research funding at such a crucial time for transitioning from coal fired power stations to renewable energy? On Monday 26 July Greens staffer Tim Hollo revealed on Twitter that research funding had not been renewed for the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Advanced Silicon Photovoltaics and Photonics based at the University of NSW.

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