Future Shots - Sustainability Film Challenge for young Victorians

Calling all young Victorians with a vision for a sustainable future

Are you under 25 and want to win some great cash and prizes? The Future Shots Sustainability Film Challenge is now open. For the second year running, Future Shots invites all Victorians 25 and under to create a short film of under three minutes addressing the theme of sustainability.

With over $9000 in cash and prizes to be won, Future Shots encourages young Victorians to creatively explore sustainability in their world.

Entry deadline is 15 November 2010.

Financial Literacy Lessons mp3

Pretext of Money with David Icke, Monetary system explained with excerpts of I.O.U.S.A. and Zeitgeist Addendum, Money as Debt II, Hynkel speech [ Charlie Chaplin ] excerpt, Krishna Murti, South Park, media samples - sounds by George Duke, The Bakery, Supahemp, others

money as debt II -

Zeitgeist Addendum

Bernard Lietaer

length: 54:25 min 128 kbps stereo 50 MB