Developer destroys part of the heritage houses in Chippendale, Sydney

A Construction company has destroyed the yards at the rear of the heritage houses that the Co-op has been useing to grow plants and destroyed garden beds in our community garden. It appears this was done with out any application to the council or without notifying the co-op. 

The real problem thou is the destruction of the yards and structures of these significant houses. the yards have been bulldozed and some structures have been razed for ever.

Once agian we find ourselves at the mercy of construction companies that believe that they can do what ever they want.

If you care about this issue contact your local councilor (contact list below)

Please send an email telling them what you think;


Good exposure of a corrupt part of larger systems
Delinquent property dvelopers deliquent landlords private and public got the spotlight in my home in the States and Australia will follow
The judges shamed them continue too yet here down under the judicial system is way out of line and you guys are not saying enough about this cause the rents and the development is over the top
Reckon this needs immediate ongoing monitoring and capping
Renting to homeless for too much and developing where it affects the climate people's health and not least makes a mockery of any civil society
Down under is great in some ways theres miles to go before Australia gets the development overload and landlord extortionists [both often fraudsters] shamed as they should be
Great article