urban development

Developer destroys part of the heritage houses in Chippendale, Sydney

A Construction company has destroyed the yards at the rear of the heritage houses that the Co-op has been useing to grow plants and destroyed garden beds in our community garden. It appears this was done with out any application to the council or without notifying the co-op. 

The real problem thou is the destruction of the yards and structures of these significant houses. the yards have been bulldozed and some structures have been razed for ever.

Once agian we find ourselves at the mercy of construction companies that believe that they can do what ever they want.

Disturbing development in Melbourne's western suburbs

A story is unfolding in Melbourne's Western suburbs that, unlike the happy ending in that seminal Australian movie "The Castle", where an Australian "battler" was able to use the Australian constitution to stop his home being forcibly acquired by the local council, 162 families in Rockbank in the West face the very real prospect of being forcibly evicted from their homes.