corporate control

Australian government approves nuclear irradiation of tomatoes

The irradiation of tomatoes & capsicums (bell peppers) has been approved by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) today.

Now, A1069 (the application for the irradiation of tomatoes and capsicums) only requires rubber-stamping from the Ministerial Council. Each state has at least one STATE MP on the Council. Let your local member know that you say NO!!!

Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact would allow national laws to be overruled by corporations

By Systemic Disorder Imagine a world in which which labor safeguards, safety rules and environmental regulations will be struck down because a multi-national corporation’s profits might be affected. A world in which measures to reign in financial speculation are illegal. A world in which the task of governments, codified in law, is to maximize corporate profits.

Imagine a world in which corporations can bypass national laws and courts when they are in a dispute with a government, and instead can have their dispute adjudicated by a closed tribunal controlled by their lawyers.

Unfortunately, the above is not dystopian science fiction; it is the reality of the top-secret Trans-Pacific Partnership.
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