Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact would allow national laws to be overruled by corporations

By Systemic Disorder Imagine a world in which which labor safeguards, safety rules and environmental regulations will be struck down because a multi-national corporation’s profits might be affected. A world in which measures to reign in financial speculation are illegal. A world in which the task of governments, codified in law, is to maximize corporate profits.

Imagine a world in which corporations can bypass national laws and courts when they are in a dispute with a government, and instead can have their dispute adjudicated by a closed tribunal controlled by their lawyers.

Unfortunately, the above is not dystopian science fiction; it is the reality of the top-secret Trans-Pacific Partnership.
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How US taxpayers' money goes to support the slave trade (pt. 1)

Right now conservatives and progressives across my country, America, are considering ways to cut government spending. One of the options tossed about concerns cuts to military spending. Within this area there are so many things to consider. There are so many things to discuss and ways to break each of them down.