Occupation re-established in Melbourne at the State Library

A group of participants in Occupy Melbourne have resisted eviction at the State Library and are camping out tonight in what is being called a re-occupation.

Occupy Melbourne met at 12pm on the 29th of October at State Library, and went to Treasury Gardens and Bowen Place, where both were consecutively decided as unsafe to occupy. The second General Assembly of the day voted to return to State Library and attempt a reoccupation.

Update: WTF happened at Occupy Melbourne on Saturday?
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Occupy Melbourne eviction - A first hand account

As a freelance journalist, it is my job to cover protest and put myself into situations where others may feel unsafe. It is my job to cover events as they unfold and report on them. Here is a detailed first hand account of my experiences of Occupy Melbourne's eviction. 

Here I am not stating support for or against Occupy Melbourne. This is simply a detailed statement of what I witnessed.

Gallery of the Eviction


Occupy Sydney attacks police and responds to criticism!

A belated statement for the media.

My name is Ashwyn, and I have been involved in the occupy sydney camp, and along with a significant portion of my friends, have been extremely dissatisfied with the media coverage. To make it worse, the 'individual' (and I use the term loosely, perhaps I should say 'socialist party') spokespeople representing the movement have done a mostly terrible job of it. This is my attempt to bring forward some very important details that have been lacking.

Culture of entitlement


Occupy Sydney in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street & United for Global Change

I wonder how many of us have been glued to our computer screens over the past week watching the events in New York as they unfold live on air (http://www.livestream.com/globalrevolution & http://occupystream.com/). Have you joined the Twitter conversation with hash-tag OccupyWallStreet? The occupy movement in the US is proving to be something of a social tsunami.