climate protest

Earth relay action on climate change entertains Sydney Road motorists

Motorists, pedestrians and tram passengers were entertained by environmentalists from Climate Action Moreland during Saturday mid morning shopping traffic snarl on Sydney Road, Brunswick. Wielding a huge blow up planet earth, the activists asked motorist to honk for climate action, cyclists to ring their bell, and pedestrians to sign a petition against the proposed HRL coal fired power station. See Images on Flickr


Climate protestors descending on Hazelwood power station

Approximately 300 climate activists have converged on Hazelwood Power Station in the Latrobe Valley in Victoria to demand its immediate shut down. The protest is one of the over 7000 thousand protests planned on the 10/10/10 to mark the annual protests. The protestors are planning to build a model of a solar power plant to symbolise how Hazelwood could be replaced to create a carbon neutral future.

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Climate activists lock on at Gillard's office to protest pathetic ALP policy

In a spontaneous response to Julia Gillard's pathetic climate policy announcement yesterday morning, Shaun Murray and Carey Priest from the Switch Off Hazelwood Collective locked themselves to the door of her electoral office in Werribee. After initially scoping out the office and purchasing 'D'-locks from the local bike shop, the pair returned shortly afterwards at approximately 2:55pm yesterday and locked themselves by the neck to the door.