Tasmanian bush fires sign of world to come

The image of kids in the water clinging to a dock, under a fire-red sky, captured the situation. The great Australian heat wave of 2013 also struck the southern-most part of the country, the island of Tasmania. Maybe this is the future anywhere trees grow, as global warming heats the planet.

Professor David Bowman is at the University of Tasmania in Hobart, teaching and researching Forest Ecology. He's a published expert on fire in the earth system.


Forest Witness Tasmania - Groundswell Tasmania - What's happening on the ground in the north east of this wild state

Forest Witness – North East Tasmania – 26/10/12

This week in the North East of Tasmania, activists from the group Groundswell documented the ongoing destruction of forests located in independently verified High Conservation Value (HCV) forests.

NL115H is an 80 Hectare logging coupe, on the Western foothills of Ben Lomond National Park at Fisher’s Tier, only 40mins drive from the Tasmanian city of Launceston. It has been left out of the 430,000Ha of ENGO nominated reserve, but is within the 572,000ha of independently verified HCV forest.


Tarkine World Heritage Now!


Tarkine – World Heritage Now!

A group of activists have gathered at the community forum today in Launceston to send a clear message to the Labour Government that the Tarkine needs an emergency world heritage listing.

T-shirts reading “TARKINE HERITAGE LISTING” were displayed outside the community cabinet forum at the Launceston College on Brisbane Street. Members of the newly formed environmental advocacy group GroundSwell maintained a silent peaceful vigil as the cabinet continued inside.


Olive branch offered on Ta Ann markets campaign in Tasmania

Environment groups have offered to suspend their markets campaign in Japan for one month while forest peace talks proceed, on the condition that logging ceases in the 572,000 ha of verified high conservation value forests whilst negotiations about protecting them take place.

“It’s a moratorium for a moratorium,” said Peg Putt of Markets for Change.


Tell me lies... Pinocchio joins campaign against Tassie forest destruction

Bryan Green got a surprise this morning - the Deputy Premier of Tasmania was fresh off the plane from his much vaunted trade mission to China and Japan, selling out Tasmania's forests, and he was confronted with a huge walking, talking Pinocchio. The Last Stand crew got together with the Huon Valley Environment Centre and Code Green to give him a warm welcome back to Oz.


Tasmanian conservationists continue forest vigil Cable loggers sent back to old growth Forest in Picton Valley

Huon Valley Environment Centre Press Release 18.2.11:“Conservationists have today returned to the threatened Picton Valley, where cable loggers have been sent back to clearfell an old growth forest area just weeks before a crucial moratorium deadline. One conservationist has climbed the cable logger and twenty five people are protesting in the forest. The Huon Valley Environment Centre is calling for the state and federal governments to take action to halt the loss of high conservation value forests,” Huon Valley Environment Centre’s spokesperson Jenny Weber said.

Tasmania logging contractor convicted over sledgehammer assault

Three forest contractors from Tasmania have been convicted of assault and sentenced to 70 hours community service for violently attacking forest activists locked on in a car with a sledgehammer, kicking one in the head. The assault which occurred in the Upper Florentine Valley was captured by another protester on video from a hidden position.

Below is the coverage from The Age on the case.


Greens sell out for power in Tasmania

The Tasmanian Greens under the leadership of Nick McKim have joined the pro-business, anti-environment and corrupt Tasmanian ALP to form a Coalition government in exchange for two cabinet positions. This actions reflects how the Green party can be trusted to be an agent of true, radical change in Australia.


Gunns 20 trial update

Gunns Ltd's case against the remaining Gunns 20 defendants will go to trial in February 2010, more than five years after the first writs were originally served in December 2004.

The case is now before Justice Forrest who has estimated that the trial, when it finally arrives, will run for up to five weeks. He has determined that the trial will be heard before a judge only, no jury.

The case has already cost an estimated $3 million and is likely to cost much more by the end. It is already considered the longest running and most expensive case of its kind in Australia's legal history.