Huon Valley Environment Centre

Olive branch offered on Ta Ann markets campaign in Tasmania

Environment groups have offered to suspend their markets campaign in Japan for one month while forest peace talks proceed, on the condition that logging ceases in the 572,000 ha of verified high conservation value forests whilst negotiations about protecting them take place.

“It’s a moratorium for a moratorium,” said Peg Putt of Markets for Change.


Tasmanian conservationists continue forest vigil Cable loggers sent back to old growth Forest in Picton Valley

Huon Valley Environment Centre Press Release 18.2.11:“Conservationists have today returned to the threatened Picton Valley, where cable loggers have been sent back to clearfell an old growth forest area just weeks before a crucial moratorium deadline. One conservationist has climbed the cable logger and twenty five people are protesting in the forest. The Huon Valley Environment Centre is calling for the state and federal governments to take action to halt the loss of high conservation value forests,” Huon Valley Environment Centre’s spokesperson Jenny Weber said.