Woodchip mill shut down as protests continue

Today two conservationists have attached themselves to machinery inside the woodchip mill at Eden, in New South Wales. This is the second protest at the mill in the past week, calling for an end to Nippon Paper's ongoing role in the destruction of Australia's native forests.


Tasmanian bush fires sign of world to come

The image of kids in the water clinging to a dock, under a fire-red sky, captured the situation. The great Australian heat wave of 2013 also struck the southern-most part of the country, the island of Tasmania. Maybe this is the future anywhere trees grow, as global warming heats the planet.

Professor David Bowman is at the University of Tasmania in Hobart, teaching and researching Forest Ecology. He's a published expert on fire in the earth system.


Tarkine heritage listing – no new mines in the Tarkine

As Launceston awakes this morning, a clear message to Heritage List the Tarkine will resonate throughout the city.
Members of the group Groundswell have hung large banners in prominent locations in and around Launceston to highlight that Tasmanians will not allow the Tarkine to be mined.
On the corner of Tamar and Cimitiere Street in Launceston’s CBD, high up on the red gasworks framework, a message to the Federal environment minister Tony Burke reads: “TARKINE HERITAGE LISTING”.


Forest Witness Tasmania - Groundswell Tasmania - What's happening on the ground in the north east of this wild state

Forest Witness – North East Tasmania – 26/10/12

This week in the North East of Tasmania, activists from the group Groundswell documented the ongoing destruction of forests located in independently verified High Conservation Value (HCV) forests.

NL115H is an 80 Hectare logging coupe, on the Western foothills of Ben Lomond National Park at Fisher’s Tier, only 40mins drive from the Tasmanian city of Launceston. It has been left out of the 430,000Ha of ENGO nominated reserve, but is within the 572,000ha of independently verified HCV forest.


Olive branch offered on Ta Ann markets campaign in Tasmania

Environment groups have offered to suspend their markets campaign in Japan for one month while forest peace talks proceed, on the condition that logging ceases in the 572,000 ha of verified high conservation value forests whilst negotiations about protecting them take place.

“It’s a moratorium for a moratorium,” said Peg Putt of Markets for Change.


Loggers intimidate and assault activists in Warrup Forest

Forest Rescue Media Release

14 March 2012

Forest Rescue has been waging a Non Violent Direct Action battle with the WA state government's Forest Products Commission (FPC) in order to secure the last remaining Numbat habitat in our southwest - the Warrup Forest near Bridgetown in WA. The forest is one of the last remaining intact colonies of the Numbat, of which less than a thousand remain in the wild. The Numbat was originally found across the whole of southern Australia.


UFO Sylvia Creek logging coup

UFO Sylvia Creek logging coup video

UFO Sylvia Creek logging coup is a video to raise awareness of the destruction of habitat for a rare species of possum in Sylvia Creek and planned logging of water catchment in beautiful Cement Creek, both survivors of the Black Saturday Bushfires in 2009 near Melbourne Australia. Now help them survive GovCorp vandalism.

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