forest destruction

Woodchip mill shut down as protests continue

Today two conservationists have attached themselves to machinery inside the woodchip mill at Eden, in New South Wales. This is the second protest at the mill in the past week, calling for an end to Nippon Paper's ongoing role in the destruction of Australia's native forests.


Get Ready for an Age of Fire

The new age of super fires in N. America, Europe, Australia, Asia. Silviculturalist John Betts explains strange unstoppable forest fires. Then Nicole Rycroft, Exec Dir of enviro group "Canopy". Why they quit talks with industry, as logging ravages the Canadian Boreal forest. Plus MD Donald B. Louria says loss of faith in the future can kill. Radio Ecoshock 130501 1 hour. Listen to/download this Radio Ecoshock Show

Listen to/Dowload the John Betts interview on super fires (24 minutes)

Barnett kills numbats

The Forest Products Commission are currently attempting to decimate the largest intact numbat colony in our state at Warrup forest. There are more pandas in the wild in China (1600) than numbats in Western Australia (under 1000), and the numbat is our state fauna emblem.
"It is disgusting in this day and age that the Barnett government have scant disregard for our state emblem, which is on the brink of extinction. How will we explain to future generations that we stood idly by while the FPC destroyed the last major colony of numbats." - Forest Rescue spokesperson Simon Peterffy.


Global 24 hours of action for Australia's forests. Join us on 8 Oct 2011 and say No Harvey No!

On Saturday 8 October in Australia (which might be your 7th or 8th Oct depending on timezone) join us to stand up for our forests at Harvey Norman stores and other locations across Australia and the planet and say

No Harvey Norman No! Stop selling Aussie forest destruction!

Australia's world-class forests are still being ripped apart by industrial logging operations every single day. The destruction of our native forests is placing our threatened species, clean air and water, and climate in serious danger.