Loggers intimidate and assault activists in Warrup Forest

Forest Rescue Media Release

14 March 2012

Forest Rescue has been waging a Non Violent Direct Action battle with the WA state government's Forest Products Commission (FPC) in order to secure the last remaining Numbat habitat in our southwest - the Warrup Forest near Bridgetown in WA. The forest is one of the last remaining intact colonies of the Numbat, of which less than a thousand remain in the wild. The Numbat was originally found across the whole of southern Australia.


Barnett kills numbats

The Forest Products Commission are currently attempting to decimate the largest intact numbat colony in our state at Warrup forest. There are more pandas in the wild in China (1600) than numbats in Western Australia (under 1000), and the numbat is our state fauna emblem.
"It is disgusting in this day and age that the Barnett government have scant disregard for our state emblem, which is on the brink of extinction. How will we explain to future generations that we stood idly by while the FPC destroyed the last major colony of numbats." - Forest Rescue spokesperson Simon Peterffy.