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UFO Sylvia Creek logging coup

UFO Sylvia Creek logging coup video

UFO Sylvia Creek logging coup is a video to raise awareness of the destruction of habitat for a rare species of possum in Sylvia Creek and planned logging of water catchment in beautiful Cement Creek, both survivors of the Black Saturday Bushfires in 2009 near Melbourne Australia. Now help them survive GovCorp vandalism.

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Gunns to finally end logging native forests in Australia

After thirty years fighting for change in Australia’s logging industry by conservation groups and the community, Australia’s largest logging company company Gunns Ltd has finally announced an end to the logging of native forests in Australia.

Gunns CEO Greg L’Estrange said at a conference yesterday, “Native forest is not part of our future.”

"We see that the conflict largely has to end…The vast support of the Australian population is with the environmental non-government organisations,” he said.