UFO Sylvia Creek logging coup

UFO Sylvia Creek logging coup video

UFO Sylvia Creek logging coup is a video to raise awareness of the destruction of habitat for a rare species of possum in Sylvia Creek and planned logging of water catchment in beautiful Cement Creek, both survivors of the Black Saturday Bushfires in 2009 near Melbourne Australia. Now help them survive GovCorp vandalism.

Support the Yarra Ranges Shire Ethical Paper Pledge

Support biodiversity

Support the loggers transition into new employment that uses their skills and knowledge of the forests for the benefit of all creatures not just the greedy banks and corporations enslaving us all (loggers included) in a combined world debt that the Earth cannot possibly repay with Her resources or environmental health..

Support non-GMO plantation timber products

Use recycled paper and timber where you can

Demand your governments ban all wood-chipping in native forests.

Don't buy Reflex Paper - it's as bad for you as white refined sugar is, only in a different way

Beware GovCorp green-washing

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Video donated and produced by United Natures Independent Media


I shoot possums who cares about the little cunts kill them all

Our wildlife is unique. Let's work to preserve it, unlike other countries who have little left. Great for tourism and future generations.

With our state government culpable of environmental vandalism and forcing endangered species further towards extinction, how are the public meant to respect it? Lawlessness from the top means hypocrisy and those being government have little example to follow, or role-model. This area survived Black Saturday, and the BAER report recommended that it be protected from logging. However, it falls on deaf ears of our Baillieu government! They have betrayed their integrity for profits, and short-term ism at its worst. Their vandalism sets a very poor precedent for the public to follow. We are encouraged to save water, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, recycle, but at the same time all the sequestered carbon from these trees, and their ability to absorb it, is being eradicated! Shame on our State government, and they are no better than Brumby!