asylum seekers

Asylum Seekers will die in greater numbers after release - this from Gerry Georgatos. An important insight.

Australia is in the tragic phenomena of Detention Centre Deaths in Custody. Five suicides in the last ten months. Over a thousand suicide attempts and thousands of self-harms among our Asylum Seekers. There have been two suicide attempts at Darwin Immigration Centre, last night and yesterday. There shall be more. One Hazara man suffered a heart attack following efforts to rescue him from his suicide attempt.

Australia's response to asylum seekers

The 'Pacific Solution' didn't work, and now Australia is trying the 'Malaysian Solution'. Under the Malaysian Solution, signed on 25th July 2011, Australia is once again out-sourcing its obligation to aid and help people seeking asylum. The agreementmeans that the next 800 asylum-seekers arriving in Australia by boat will, within 72 hours of their arrival, have their bio-metric data recorded and be flown to Malaysia. In return, Australia will allow 4000 people, who have already had their application for refugee status approved by the UNHCR, to move to Australia over the next four years.


Human Rights Alliance media release: Chaos at Christmas Island detention, raids. Suicide threats

The Human Rights Alliance have filed submissions and calls to the UNITED NATIONS and to UN Special Investigators and Rapporteurs to call upon the Australian Government to allow for UN OBSERVERS to be stationed at Christmas Island Detention Centre, and at Darwin, Villawood and Scherger Detention Centres.

The Human Rights Alliance have filed complaints and reports to the UNITED NATIONS seeking an urgent investigation of the Christmas Island protests and the police raids and use of tear gas.

Chaos, protests, police brutality has sieged Christmas Island Detention Centre.

HADI KURNIAWAN - one of 100 children in Australian adult prisons.

An impoverished Indonesian mother, in front of an Australian journalist, lies on a cement floor clutching a photograph of her 16 year old son who is now in an Australian adult prison and whom she hasn't seen since he was fourteen. Abject and acute poverty ravages Indonesia, a country where only 10% of the population has a refrigerator, where most people do not have electricity let alone a television, where many people live half lives working in sulphur mines and where most folk will never rise out of the shanty towns and villages they are born to die in.

Media Release: March on World Refugee Day June 19

Refugee Advocacy Network Press Release Mandatory detention is an inhumane policy that victimises vulnerable people who have committed no crime. It is time to end this unjust policy. In the name of protecting Australian borders, innocent individuals have been deprived of their right to freedom, separated from their families and endured severe mental distress.


Burmese asylum seeker on hunger strike over ASIO clearance delay

After 11 months waiting for his ASIO security clearance, with his wife and four children barely surviving on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, Villawood refugee Sayad Kasim, has reached breaking point.

“When I visited Sayad yesterday (Wednesday 1 June) to take him photos I’d taken of his family whilst in Malaysia, he told me that on 25 May his wife tried to commit suicide by lying on a road. Distraught, he tried to kill himself on the same day. Fortunately he was stopped,” said Mark Goudkamp of the Refugee Action Coalition.

Refugee campaigners condemn police violence at Melbourne protest

RAC Press Release 30th May 2011The Refugee Action Collective has condemned violent and over-the-top tactics by police at a protest at Maribyrnong Detention Centre, which left several protesters in hospital. Around 300 people attended the protest, calling for an end to Mandatory Detention.