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Refugees are welcome here! - Rally and march, Melbourne 5 November 2011

The Refugee Action Collective (Victoria)organised a rally and march reiterating demands for an end to mandatory detention and offshore processing. This came in the wake of two events: the High Court decision ruling the government’s intended Malaysia deal illegal, and the drowning deaths of asylum seekers off the coast of Java a few days previously.


Peacefully protesting the CHOGM Business Forum

On the 25 October 2011, Julia Gillard along with the head of Woodside addressed the Gala ball at the CHOGM business forum at the Burswood Casino in what is to be the first of a week of CHOGM events and protests.


Anti-Gillard protest in Melbourne, 28 September

Same-sex marriage and refugee activists were the main groups protesting outside the Park Hyatt hotel in Melbourne when Prime Minister Julia Gillard was delivering a speech to a lunch of the AsiaLink and Asia Society (


Refugee activists picket SERCO office in Melbourne - 16 September 2011

Members and supporters of the Refugee Action Collective, Victoria, including contingents from Monash and Melbourne Universities, held a protest on Friday 16 September outside the Melbourne office of SERCO, the company which holds the contract for running Australia’s immigration detention centres.


Despatches from Leonora (January-February 2011)

In January 2011 Giovanni Torre travelled to Leonora to interview local residents, community leaders, Traditional Owners and asylum seekers detained at the Leonora Alternative Place of Detention. He conducted further interviews in February.

The names of unsuccessful or unresolved asylum seekers have been concealed to protect them and their families.

“Pashtun always say; Tajik go to Tajikistan, Uzbek go to Uzbekistan, Pashtun live in Afghanistan and Hazara go to graveyard.”


Tortured when deported to their place of origin - AUSTRALIA GETS IT WRONG, again.

Please consider viewing the following:

And please consider viewing:

THESE 3 men were deported from Australia in October 2009 on the grounds
that they were found not to have believable claims that they would
suffer persecution on return.

Clearly someone got it wrong. These men have been comprehensively

Discovering the truth - Gerry Georgatos.

The ability to discover the truth is outstripped by the ability to manifest deceit. Generally, I try to rely on the context of statistics and facts to hang on to the truth.

In Malaysia, 29,759 foreigners were caned between 2005 to end of 2010. This refutes Minister Bowen's claims that human rights, as we know them, will be protected.

HRA media release: Ruwuan, Roshan and Tharanga NEED our help. We have to stop the rot and the suffering.

HUMAN RIGHTS MEDIA RELEASE: THREE SRI LANKAN ASYLUM SEEKERS IN LIMBO - Their suffering continues. From Christmas Island to Prison to freedom to Darwin. More Lies. On October 22, 2009 the NOR 66 risked the high seas in a direct journey from Sri Lanka to Christmas Island, 27 days, with 30 Asylum Seekers. Three of them were Rwuan T. Senavirathna, Roshan Warnakulasuriya Fernando and Tharanga Warnakulasuriya Fernando (these two are cousins). Their are lives are at risk if they are returned to Sri Lanka.

HRA media release: THE FORGOTTEN CHILDREN - up to 100 of the world's most impoverished children - WHERE IS HADI?

The Human Rights Alliance Media Release:

THE FORGOTTEN CHILDREN - up to 100 of the world's most impoverished children in Australian adult prisons - WHERE IS HADI?

There may be up to 100 impoverished Indonesian children in Australian adult prisons - we know for a fact the brunt of these numbers are in Western Australian prisons.

At this time some of these children's cases are being heard in Australian Courts.