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Federal ALP wants to jail people who help asylum seekers

The Federal ALP is planning to bring in laws that would declare anyone who assists asylum seekers in coming to Australia even if they receive no financial gain a "people smuggler" and they face jail time. The Melbourne Age states a "modern day Oskar Schindler" would face 10 years jail. The captain of the Tampa could have been jailed under these laws. The new law also gives ASIO the power to tap phones in Australia to tackle the "problem" of people smuggling.


Asylum seekers protest long processing delays on Christmas Island

"The mass protest of 350 Sri Lankan asylum seekers that has continued overnight in the Christmas Island detention centre can be directly traced back to the lowest political behaviour of all time by Prime Minister Kevin last year when he started a nasty period of political posturing, and when he started playing "refugee football" with the asylum seekers on the Oceanic Viking," WA human rights group Project SafeCom said.


Saying No to the "Indonesian Solution" - Rally at State Library 18 January 2010

Melbourne's Tamil community and supporters joined others around Australia and the world in a day of action on 18 January to highlight the plight of 254 Tamil asylum seekers who have now spent 100 days on a boat in Merak, Indonesia, following the Australian Prime Minister's request to the Indonesian President to have the vessel intercepted in Indonesian waters to prevent it from reaching Australia.


Australia outsourcing violence against asylum seekers

The WSWS website has revealed that Indonesian police shot two Afghan Asylum seekers trying to flee to Australia from a high powered boat supplied by Australia. This is symptomatic of the way that Australia is trying to use its financial and diplomatic muscle to outsource the persecution of asylum seekers trying to come to Australia.


PM should show some guts and fly the 260 Sri Lankans to Australia

MEDIA RELEASE: PM should show some guts and fly the 260 Sri Lankans to Australia

Thursday October 15, 2009 - "Prime Minister Kevin Rudd should open his brave heart - a heart until now only activated in a bout of "prime ministerial swearing" targeting the "scourge of people smugglers" and in a silly turn of resorting to derogatory language, labelling of asylum seekers as "illegal immigrants"," WA Human Rights group Project SafeCom said this morning...


2009 'Emerge' Festival - June 21 Fitzroy Town Hall

2009 Emerge Festival, Sunday June 21, Fitzroy Town Hall

A tide of food and music gushed out of Fitzroy town hall and onto Napier Street as part of the 2009 Emerge Festival, celebrating emerging and refugee cultures in Victoria.
Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Ethiopian, Western Saharan, Turkish, Jamaican, Afghani and Timorese cultural groups were but a handful of populations represented in song, dance, craft and cuisine.